What to look for in a code review

A particular type of complexity is over-engineering, where developers have made the code more generic than it needs to be, or added functionality that isn’t presently needed by the system. Reviewers should be especially vigilant about over-engineering. Encourage developers to solve the problem they know needs to be solved now, not the problem that the developer speculates might need to be solved in the future. The future problem should be solved once it arrives and you can see its actual shape and requirements in the physical universe.


The Wrong Abstraction

“prefer duplication over the wrong abstraction”

  1. Programmer A sees duplication.
  2. Programmer A extracts duplication and gives it a name.This creates a new abstraction. It could be a new method, or perhaps even a new class.
  3. Programmer A replaces the duplication with the new abstraction.

    Ah, the code is perfect. Programmer A trots happily away.

  4. Time passes.
  5. A new requirement appears for which the current abstraction is almost perfect.

  6. Programmer B gets tasked to implement this requirement.Programmer B feels honor-bound to retain the existing abstraction, but since isn’t exactly the same for every case, they alter the code to take a parameter, and then add logic to conditionally do the right thing based on the value of that parameter.

    What was once a universal abstraction now behaves differently for different cases.

  7. Another new requirement arrives.
    Programmer X.
    Another additional parameter.
    Another new conditional.
    Loop until code becomes incomprehensible.
  8. You appear in the story about here, and your life takes a dramatic turn for the worse.


Avoid Else, Return Early

I totally agree. In most cases it’s a good rule of thumb.

– Return as soon as you know your method cannot do any more meaningful work
– Reduce indentation by using if/return instead of a top-level if/else
– Try keep the “meat” of your method at the lowest indentation level.
– Error handling is noise.


Designing Windows 95’S User Interface

The development of the user interface for a large commercial software product like Microsoft® Windows 95 involves many people, broad design goals, and an aggressive work schedule. This design briefing describes how the usability engineering principles of iterative design and problem tracking were successfully applied to make the development of the UI more manageable. Specific design problems and their solutions are also discussed.


Iterative design, Microsoft Windows, problem tracking, rapid prototyping, usability engineering, usability testing.

However, the fixes would not have been made if the team had not believed in making the most-usable product possible. Key to this belief was our understanding that we probably weren’t going to get it right the first time and that not getting it right was as useful and interesting to creating a product as getting it right was.


Software Complexity Is Killing Us

Highlights from https://www.simplethread.com/software-complexity-killing-us/.

We get enthralled by the maelstrom of complexity and the mental puzzle of engineering elegant solutions: Another layer of abstraction! DRY it up! Separate the concerns! Composition over inheritance! This too is understandable, but in the process, we often lose sight of the business problems being solved and forget that managing complexity is the second most important responsibility of software developers.

Looking forward to the future, it is unlikely that language design will give us the same kinds of improvements we have seen over the last few decades.

We, as an industry, need to find ways to simplify the process of building software, without ignoring the legitimate complexities of businesses. We need to admit that not every application out there needs the same level of interface sophistication and operational scalability as Gmail.

Our answer to the growing complexity of doing business cannot be adding complexity to the development process – no matter how elegant it may seem.

We must find ways to manage complexity by simplifying the development process. Because even though managing complexity is our second most important responsibility, we must always remember the most important responsibility of software developers: delivering value through working software.

My Del.icio.us bookmarks

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screenshots from top 100 checkouts
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The best technology in every category. I keep forgetting the name of this site.
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git for large files
IX WebHosting
2011-12-14T16:36:42 shared, webhosting, hosting
$47.40/yr shared hosting, dedicated ip address. 2 year minimum. dns for $7.49/yr
The NTLM Authentication Protocol and Security Support Provider
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i may need to read this
connecting to navision
2011-08-26T21:07:11 nav, navision, soap
this guy has some good articles on connecting to navision using different languages (including javascript!)
HTML5 Rocks – HTML5 vs Native: The Mobile App Debate
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this sums up the native vs web app debate pretty well.
Learn to code | Codecademy
2011-08-22T20:38:14 javascript, programming, code, tutorial, coding
from christine z
Pool Filter Manual
2011-08-18T14:31:53 pool, filter, pump, manual, filetype:pdf, media:document
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Test Drive
2011-05-10T15:33:37 microsoft, web, test, navision, nav, vpc, trial
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
2011-05-10T15:32:52 navision, nav, dynamics, smp, documentation
SSL Certificate Tester – Check Certificates
2011-05-04T19:30:06 ssl, https, crt, cer, openssl, certificate, test, verify, view
ShairPort 0.03 released
2011-04-12T14:21:29 apple, itunes, airport, airtunes, express, alternative, clone, emmulator
I’ve been waiting 3 years for someone to find a way to emulate an Airport Express.
SIMILE Widgets | Timeline
2011-03-23T18:31:42 timeline, visualization, javascript, opensource
This is pretty cool.
CSS Embedded Images | drupal.org
2011-03-18T21:28:21 css, image, data, urls
modern browsers support data urls, ie supports MHTML
365 Things To Do in South Bend
2011-03-18T15:55:09 south, bend
Create a new Fiddle – jsFiddle – Online Editor for the Web (JavaScript, MooTools, jQuery, Prototype, YUI, Glow and Dojo, HTML, CSS)
2011-03-15T03:06:42 javascript, jquery, tools, testing, css
Coding basics | Yahoo! Style Guide
2010-11-17T15:29:53 html, howto, coding, markup, yahoo
Yahoo’s basic intro to HTML
JQuery Core Style Guidelines – jQuery JavaScript Library
2010-10-26T01:44:31 check, styleguide, guidelines, type, coding, jquery, javascript, js, style, standards
JQuery is jslint compliant.
Publications by Googlers
2010-10-22T03:02:31 google, academic, papers, publications, articles, education, research
looks interesting.
Servants – companions-eng
2010-09-23T14:39:14 st, francis, assisi, brothers, monks, bernard, giles, pietro
New Every Morning by Scott Underwood as performed by Lindell Cooley …
2010-09-21T12:08:14 music, lyrics, new, every, morning
PyDhcpLib website | Main / HomePage
2010-09-10T17:22:33 python, dhcp, server
I will need to play with this some day.
What are regular expressions? – Analytics Help
2010-09-10T13:16:47 googleanalytics, analytics, google, regex, regexp, regular, expressions
Google Analytics’s intro to regular expressions.
Mnemonic major system – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2010-07-21T19:08:34 memory, digits, phonetic, letters
Sage MAS 90 Data File Layouts
2010-07-21T15:33:32 sage, mas, file, layout, mas90
How data is stored in MAS, plus character limits (firefox or ie required, not chrome compatible)
46 Years of Displays: Dayton’s/Marshall Field’s/Macy’s Holiday themes
2010-06-30T17:11:17 minneapolis, daytons
spookylukey / cciw-website / source — bitbucket.org
2010-06-29T21:33:23 python, django
A large django project.
2010-06-01T14:01:57 assisi, saint, francis, bernard, pietro, giles
Font Squirrel | Create Your Own @font-face Kits
2010-05-26T18:44:14 @font-face, conversion, convert, eot, font, font-face, css3
Yup. This site actually made a working .eot file (unlike the last 3). I had to uncheck “add hinting” to get the font to show up correctly.
AFP548 – Networking on OS X – configd
2010-05-24T20:21:55 configd, apple, mac, macosx, osx, network, configuration, dhcp
How macs handle changing network configuration.
Mac OS X: What Are All Those Processes?
2010-05-24T20:15:15 mac, macintosh, os, osx, macosx, processes, apple, unix, process
If I ever get a mac, I’ll study this page well.
BuiltWith Technology Usage Statistics
2010-05-17T17:18:53 builtwith, trend, usage, trends, popular, website, websites
All sorts of interesting stats about how websites are built. Super interesting.
Google map markers | CTAPbIu_MABP’s BLOG
2010-05-15T21:28:21 google, maps, marker, markers, kml, icon, icons, color, colors
A list of google hosted maps markers.
YouTube – Length Contraction and Space-Time
2010-05-11T01:07:12 special, relativity, physics, math, video
we watched this senior year. pretty cool stuff.
Rands In Repose: The Foamy Rules for Rabid Tools
2010-03-31T15:28:17 article, productivity, tool, tools, development, production, live, develop, dropbox
Use the right tool for the right job.
FiledBy – Author websites, author directory, author search
2010-03-20T20:47:38 isbn, book, books, database, author, authors, publishing
“www.filedby.com the most comprehensive online directory of book authors on the Internet” I found a book on this website I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.
Moogaloop API
2010-03-19T18:53:21 moogaloop, vimeo, js, javascript, api
vimeo javascript api
Photoshop Sweded Hi-Res on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
2010-03-12T17:37:23 photoshop
real life photoshop
1910 World Missionary Conference – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2010-03-04T13:54:40 1910, World, Missionary, Conference
Sean’s been reading about this.
Our Sunday Visitor’s Web Store
2010-03-02T20:37:56 osv
I like these sort of urls.
L002 3-Digit ZIP Code Prefix Matrix
2010-02-24T18:27:53 zip, code, zipcode
I think this is official zip code data.
how to track multiple svn branches in git – Bart’s Blog
2010-02-01T14:34:19 git, bart, branches, gitsvn, svn, subversion, git-svn, multiple
Apparently git looks at ancestor commits to automatically figure out which remote svn branch to dcommit to.
Python Package Index : Index of Packages Matching ‘django’
2010-01-28T23:56:24 python, django, pypi, easy_install
django packages. from jeremy.
ONIX Requirements for Inclusion in Bowker Products
2010-01-25T20:31:07 onix, filetype:pdf, media:document
useful info here
Prayers for All Christians
2010-01-22T13:20:37 lords, day
Lord’s Day Ceremony
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
2010-01-20T02:27:49 windows, registry, editor, boot, cd, live, password
Originally came in handy to edit the registry on a rootkit infected computer. Turns out the password reset utility works well too.
Notebookcheck: Notebook & Laptop Reviews and News
2010-01-18T19:34:25 laptop, review
looks like a good indepth laptop review site.
Lenovo – Laptop with Intel® Pentium® Processor – Black Matte – G550
2010-01-18T19:30:47 best, bug, lenovo, laptop.
Jeremy asked me “If you were to buy a laptop today, what would you get?” This would be my answer, assuming I don’t have a laptop currently.
People of Praise Gathered In Dinkytown part 2
oldie but goodie. we will bow
New Blog Defaults » description WPMU DEV – WordPress MU plugins, themes and more
2010-01-13T18:24:57 wpmu, wordpressmu, wordpress, mu, plugin, plugins, blogs, default, defaults
could be useful
treebeard — Efficient tree model implementations for Django — django-treebeard v1.52 documentation
2010-01-12T19:28:44 python, django, tree, dag, sql
recommended over parent = models.ForeignKey(‘self’)
robhudson/django-debug-toolbar @ GitHub
2010-01-08T04:19:24 python, django, debug, toolbar, video, testing, debugging, middleware
i’m sold
Data matcher
2010-01-08T03:14:27 javascript, js, simonwillison, match, data, utility, tools
match one set of data to another. written in javascript
RTMPy – RTMP for Python
2010-01-07T14:38:53 flash, rtmp, twisted, python, audio, protocol
this may be enough to replace red5.
Flash Media Server, Red5 examples by Dennie Hoopingarner
2010-01-07T14:33:09 flex, recording, actionscript, sound, flash, audio, record, swf
flash audio recorder
Red5 : Open Source Flash Server Open Source Flash
2010-01-07T04:12:22 red5, flashcommunicationserver, open, source, flash, server, streaming, video
Flowplayer – Flash Video Player for the Web
2009-12-18T18:01:37 flashplayer, videoplayer, flv, swf, flash
GPL flash video player
fluxiom: Online Media Management
2009-12-18T17:57:29 asset, fluxiom, media, mediamanager, interface, online
similar goals to media manager
The Development of the C Language
2009-12-17T19:18:20 toread, ritchie, c, language, history, design
how c was invented. i’ll have to read this some time.
Comparing JSON modules for Python
2009-12-16T15:30:31 libraries, modules, python, javascript, json, test, serialization
an in depth article showing the little differences in how each library handles corner cases.
ZoneOS ZoneScreen
2009-12-11T18:18:01 multimonitor, vnc, extend, zonescreen, multi-display, pc, multi-monitor, video, vga, maxivista, virtual, screen, display
looks similar to maxivista, but free for personal use and can do linux
Demo video about using multiple monitors with MaxiVista
2009-12-11T17:17:00 display, multi-monitor, maxivista, windows, remote, monitor, vga, video, network, wifi
Amazing stuff. I wish it were open source.
How to secure a credit card number (Software Engineering Tips)
2009-12-09T15:36:34 creditcard, pci, card, credit, hash, ecommerce, security, cryptography
Don’t hash credit card numbers.
2009-12-08T02:25:19 pyexcelerator, write, xls, xlwt, python, excel, library
Python library to read/write excel files. Fork of pyExcelerator. Looks more active too.
Cooliris | Discover More
2009-12-08T01:34:01 cooliris, 3d, slideshow, flash, media, photos, embed
embeddable cooliris that uses flash instead of their plugin.
JQuery File Upload Plugin Script – JQuery File Upload Script – Uploadify
2009-12-07T17:52:14 uploadify, jquery-plugin, progress, flash, uploader, swf, jquery, upload, file-upload, fileupload, multiple
similar to swfupload
2009-12-06T04:19:12 python, django, oauth, json, api, framework, http
“Piston is a Django mini-framework creating APIs.” Used by bitbucket.org
Very Short Introductions – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2009-12-02T02:57:58 very, short, books, wikipedia
looks interesting
ANSI C Rationale Introduction
2009-12-01T22:13:29 c, programming, spirit, design, goals
ANSI C Rationale Purpose and Spirit of C
2009-11-27T21:53:51 timeline, timelines, lifestream, dipity, api, time, calendar, visualization
i have been looking for a way to easily put things on a timeline. I think this is what i want.
YouTube – The Beach Boys – Ol’ Man River (2009 Remix)
2009-11-23T03:02:10 music, youtube, beach, boys, old, ol, man, river
from David
TestDisk – CGSecurity
2009-11-20T21:00:26 recovery, disk, partition, backup, testdisk, filesystem, repair, utilities, utility, tool, tools
This is pretty cool. via Andy
Robert Harder » Stream iTunes over SSH
2009-11-18T19:05:07 itunes, ssh, tunnel, multicast, dns, mDNS, DNS-SD
Wow. I did not know this was possible. I’ll have to try it sometime.
HDMI Cable, Home Theater Accessories, HDMI Products, Cables, Adapters, Video/Audio Switch, Networking, USB, Firewire, Printer Toner, and more!
2009-11-17T04:12:44 cables, electronics, cable, video, audio, cords
“Buying video cables from Amazon is usually a ripoff; I suggest Monoprice.” – Jacob Kaplan-Moss
Git Resources
2009-10-20T03:11:19 git, 37signals, cheatsheet, sourcecontrol
some git notes from 37signals
Monitoring WiFi access points – MDC
2009-09-24T15:08:03 javascript, network, wireless, firefox, wifi
“Code with UniversalXPConnect privileges can now monitor the list of available access points, getting information on their SSIDs, MAC addresses, and signal strength. This can be used in tandem with Geolocation to offer WiFi-based location service.”
Google Scripts
2009-09-23T16:48:43 google, javascript, api, googleapps, scripts, js, apps, spreadsheet, docs
* Create your own custom spreadsheet functions

  • Automate repetitive tasks (e.g. process responses to Google Docs forms)
  • Link multiple Google products together (e.g. send emails or schedule Calendar events from a list of addresses in a Spreadsheet)
  • Customize existing Google products (e.g. add custom buttons or menus to run your own scripts)
List of common misconceptions – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2009-09-09T21:39:41 interesting, misconceptions, myths, wiki, wikipedia, knowledge
This is awesome. From Josh.
YUI Library: Uploader
2009-09-09T21:20:27 uploader, fileupload, multiple, file-upload, javascript, flash, yahoo, upload, yui, file, files, swfupload, swf
Yahoo’s equivalent of swfupload.
Turn Thunderbird into the Ultimate Gmail IMAP Client – Downloads – Lifehacker
2009-09-01T21:31:11 thunderbird, imap, lifehacker, todo, gmail
Fairly thorough walk though of how to configure Thunderbird for Gmail, in addition to Gmail’s help pages.
Color Picker
2009-08-14T17:59:35 color, design, colorpicker, webdesign, colors, palette, picker
XEP-0126: Invisibility
2009-08-13T00:32:09 xmpp, jabber, google, chat, talk, gchat, invisible
it appears that you can do invisibility on google talk outside of gmail.
Plunkitt of Tammany Hall by William L. Riordon 1963
2009-08-11T21:58:32 a, day, in, the, life, of, George, Washington, Plunkitt, history, new, york, ward
George Washington Plunkitt – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2009-08-11T21:56:32 new, york, ward, george, washington, plunkitt
David says that this guys is awesome.
Socket Programming HOWTO — Python v2.7a0 documentation
2009-08-10T01:43:55 programming, python, internet, network, networking, tutorial, socket, sockets
(same as previous) I learned a lot from this.
Socket Programming HOWTO
2009-08-10T01:42:43 python, sockets, socket, internet, network, tutorial, networks, tcp, select
I learned a lot from this.
Fred Visticot blog: Google Gears Desktop Drag and drop operation
2009-07-10T13:30:46 gears, google, javascript, wave, upload
“During the Google I/O event, The Google Wave prototype has been unveiled. During the demonstration, a drag and drop operation has been realized between the desktop and the browser. This new capability is possible thanks the new Google Gears plugin V0.5.21.0.”

Shows how to do it.

django-photologue – Google Code
2009-06-30T15:39:17 python, django, gallery, pil, photologue, media, resize, multimedia, photogallery, photo, photos, image, pictures, images, photography, library
django-batchimport – Google Code
2009-06-29T15:11:28 python, django, database, import, interface, bulk, csv, batch
“Allows for batch import of django model data via uploaded Microsoft Excel (or Open Office or CSV files saved as Excel) file.”
2009-06-29T15:10:21 python, django, pinax, social, socialnetworking, socialnetwork
django-syncr – Google Code
2009-06-11T17:10:46 sync, syncr, django-app, python, django, flickr, youtube, delicious, del.icio.us, twitter, api
Ben F found this. It syncs data with flickr, twitter, etc.
An introduction to git-svn for Subversion/SVK users and deserters
2009-06-11T17:03:59 git-svn, svn, subversion, tutorial, git
A decent guide to git svn.
Download details: Script Debugger for Windows NT 4.0 and Later
2009-06-09T19:47:52 debugger, debug, debugging, scripting, internet-explorer, ie, ie6, ie7, javascript, script, js
Praise God for this! Isn’t as good as firebug, but was enough to show me what wasn’t working during a presentation this morning.
2009-05-18T16:02:25 wolfram, knowledge, algorithms, semantic, mathematica, search, google, math, physics, mathematics, reference, science, searchengine
Awesome website found by Ficker and Ben
Solid Waste & Recycling
2009-05-12T21:27:42 recycling, home, government, waste, hazardous, materials, minneapolis, city
Minneapolis Soild Waste and Recycling. Lots of good information.
Whats Its Color: Find the complementary and primary color of any image
2009-05-06T04:49:29 color, colors, scheme, palette, design, images, image
Tells you what color scheme to use based on an image. Similar to one of the features dabbledb has.
Micro Center – Refurbished HL-2140 Laser Printer
2009-05-02T19:13:06 laser, printer
$60 laser printer after rebate
960 Grid System
2009-04-30T21:54:56 grid, 960, resources
Mentioned in class. Looks interesting.
pyquery: a jquery-like library for python — pyquery v0.3 documentation
2009-04-30T03:30:24 python, html, css, jquery, xml, library, scraping, parser, lxml
jquery like interface for working with html in python.
2009-04-27T22:09:15 python, svn, subversion, converter, downgrade
downgrade a subversion working copy from 1.6 to 1.5
Bulk IP address location – Enter one or more addresses to find their geolocation.
2009-04-24T18:43:19 ip, address, geolocation, location, batch, copy, paste
tortoisegit – Google Code
2009-04-23T03:22:19 git, tortoise, tortoisegit, tortoisesvn, version-control, windows, gui
I have been waiting for this for so long
Memory upgrades from Crucial.com – About Crucial:Media Toolbox
2009-04-09T01:54:17 ram, scanner, pc, upgrade, utilities, tool, scan, memory
Tells you what slots your computer has, what sticks are currently in the slots, and what type of memory is compatible.
lxml – the most feature-rich and easy-to-use library for working with XML and HTML in the Python language.
2009-04-08T19:44:26 lxml, parsing, python, html, parser, xml, library, everyblock
What Adrian uses in everyblock for parsing html and xml
Open Source – Dimdim: Web conferencing for everyone. Dimdim provides free, open source collaboration for online meetings, eLearning, desktop sharing, education, unified collaboration, webinar, web meetings and more. Available in free hosted or GPLv3 do…
2009-04-08T15:36:40 video, opensource, server, open, chat, communication, conference, conferencing, webconference, webconferencing, dimdim, screencast, webmeeting, meeting, collaboration, community
An Open Source audio and video conferencing server and client.
Behind the scenes of EveryBlock.com
2009-04-07T15:37:18 everyblock, python, django, eav, entity, database
from justin
ManualsMania – Samsung – SGH-T629 – SGH-T629 User Manual (ver.1.0) – ENGLISH
2009-04-06T00:27:38 samsung, sgh-t629, sgh, t629, cell, phone, manual
Manual for my cell phone
2009-03-26T04:26:23 ping, plotter, graph, utility, diagnostic, diagnostics, latency, network, networking, networks, traceroute
I have been wanting a program similar to this for a long time.
Traceroute Tree Online
2009-03-26T04:19:12 tracert, traceroute, graph, visualization, visualisation, scan
This is cool. Run tracert for multiple ip addresses in windows, then copy and paste the results to this website and it generates an awesome graph of the network topology. Note though that anyone can see your graph online. They also link to a linux program that can generate these graphs.
Facebook Developers | Tools
2009-03-25T17:54:58 facebook, api, service, tool, console, test, developer, dev, csci5980, csci
Facebook API for csci5980 class.
2009-03-23T15:11:17 place, wiki, minnesota, mn, history, reference, geography
From Hannah B. Mostly just Minnesota.
Add and remove Django-Admin Inlines with JavaScript
2009-03-17T21:04:13 python, django, javascript, js, ajax, jquery, admin, inline, django-admin, inlines, formsets, formset
jquery code to add/remove items from a formset
2009-03-17T21:01:49 software, opensource, community, social, network, socialnetworking, socialnetworks, collaboration, cms, onlinecommunities, open, source, website, socialsoftware, elgg, socialnetwork
open source social network website software. From Kevin
TiddlyWiki – a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
2009-03-16T13:55:48 latex, wiki, javascript, js
Abe just showed me this. It is written entirely in javascript. It uses some sort of hack to save files on your computer. Does not require server side support. It has a very good latex plugin. It is mainly designed for one editor.
2009-03-13T04:05:43 emulation, vm, virtual, virtualization, vmware, virtualbox, virtualisation, linux, opensource, emulator
I saw someone use this for emulating unix.
Microsoft DreamSpark
2009-03-10T22:38:35 windows, software, free, microsoft, download, visualstudio, msdn, server
Free Microsoft software for College and High School students.
HP laser printer print defects
2009-03-06T02:29:21 laser, printer, toner, ink, problems, streak, streaks, stripes, fix, printers
Interesting. I wonder how helpful this actually is
Category:Bridges on the Mississippi River – Google Maps
2009-03-03T04:02:24 mississippi, river, mississippiriver, mrv, msv, maps, kml, coordinates, coords, lat, long, longitude, latitude, google
A sweet hack to get data points for the Mississippi River
SpaceMonger Freeware download and review – keep track of free space on your drives from SnapFiles
2009-03-01T23:36:47 space, monger, data, visualization, spacemonger, tree, folders, directories, size, app, apps
A sweet program I use to find out how what is taking up space on my computer.
Where data goes when it dies and other musings | FactoryCity
2009-03-01T22:11:42 api, data, microformats, die, dead, rest, cache, archive
“I would therefore agree with Tantek’s oft-repeated admonishment that services that are serious about their data should always start by marking up their sites with microformats and then add additional APIs to provide functionality (as TripIt did). It’s simply good data hygiene.” “The second thing that I thought about was that, since the site was microformatted with XFN, xFolk and other formats, recovering structured data from these caches would likely be most reliable way of externally reconstituting Ma.gnolia, in lieu of other, more conventional data retrieval methods.”
Opera: Web Standards Curriculum
2009-02-26T04:06:37 html, css, tutorial, reference, javascript
“this is awesome” – Jeremy.
Pauls Online Math Notes
2009-02-18T20:22:12 math, calc, calculus, algebra, tutorials, maths, trigonometry, mathematics
According to Colleen: “Super helpful math website for Calc I through IV and beyond”
Online Bible Study Tools – Your Gateway to Bible Resources
2009-01-31T18:29:39 Online, Bible, Study, Tools, biblestudy, scripture
The missionary section has been using this
2009-01-30T02:53:47 astronomy, windows, software, physics, dos, night, sky, star, stars
Night star program we used in 8th grade
FileHippo.com – Download Free Software
2009-01-29T03:38:11 old, version, applications, apps, windows, free, utilities, freeware
Old versions of tons of free programs. Similar to oldversion.com
GEO 1001/1101: EARTH and its Environments
2009-01-27T03:39:14 umn, geo, 1001, geo1001, 1101, geology, 2009, spring
Class I am taking
YouTube – Claude Bolling – Suite for Cello and Jazz Piano Trio – Romantique
2009-01-24T17:16:41 Claude, Bolling, Suite, for, Cello, and, Jazz, Piano, Trio, Romantique
an awesome song.
django-reversion – Google Code
2009-01-20T18:22:59 python, django, versioncontrol, vcs, scm, audit, version, versioning, history, revision, undo
This is pretty cool. It serializes an object’s data after every change and records it. It even has solutions for the related models problem.
YouTube – EmergencyCall Emergency Call 911 Oak st
2009-01-15T04:41:34 911, video, oat, street
This is pretty funny. 22 seconds. requires sound
2009-01-11T02:30:56 tax, direct, loan
tax info for loan
StaticGenerator for Django
2009-01-11T02:25:09 python, django, static, html, apache, cache, staticgenerator, optimization, cms, pages
“How many CPU cycles do you suppose are wasted on blogs that are generated every request? Wouldn’t it make more sense to generate them only when they’re updated? StaticGenerator is a Python class for Django that makes it easy to create static files for lightning fast performance.”
serve – by Jeremy
2009-01-09T19:21:54 python, http, server, minimal, minimailist
great for transferring a small number of files to people.
IE NetRenderer – Browser Compatibility Check –
2009-01-07T18:44:43 screenshot, screenshots, browsers, browser, compatibility, render, ie7, ie6, ie, internetexplorer
Thomas MacLaren School Colorado Springs Home Page
2009-01-06T19:37:39 trinity, TrinitySchool, colorado, springs, charter
Charter School in Colorado Springs based on Trinity
Return Boolean True
2008-12-26T18:41:28 python, eye-fi, eye.fi, eyefi
This guy wrote a post yesterday saying that he’s trying to write a python program to handle eye.fi uploads
EyeFi Linux Hacking
2008-12-26T18:11:44 linux, eyefi, eye.fi, eye-fi, hack, wifi, unlock
Looks like someone started a blog on figuring out how it works, although it is fun to figure these things out on your own, this could save me a lot of time.
SkreemR Mp3 Search – World’s Greatest Mp3 Search Engine – Find music, podcasts, ringtones, interviews and speeches.
2008-12-15T04:45:09 mp3, search, skreemr, seeqpod, music
“The World’s Greatest Mp3 Search Engine”
TrimPath TrimSpreadsheet Demo
2008-12-01T17:38:39 excel, js, javascript, spreadsheet, docs, open, opensource
Demo of an open source javascript spreadsheet.
Songza: The music search engine & internet jukebox. Listen. Now.
2008-11-26T16:34:19 music, search, mp3
looks similar to seeqpod
CSci 1121: Introduction to the Internet
2008-11-25T19:41:08 umn, csci, 1121, intro, to, internet, spring, 2009
possibly going to take this class next spring
CSci 1113: C++ Programming
2008-11-25T19:40:16 umn, csci, 1113, cpp, c, spring, 2009
Probably going to take this class next spring
MATH 1151 Math 1151, Precalculus II
2008-11-25T19:37:20 umn, math, 1151, precalc, precalculus, calc
possibly going to take this class in the spring
Ladle Rat Rotten Hut
2008-11-25T04:40:57 laddle, rat, rotten, hut, english, linguistics, story, pronunciation, literature, language
My teacher read this to our class in 6th grade.
mail-trends – Google Code
2008-11-24T15:58:02 gmail, python, statistics, stats, data
Sweet gmail statistics program kevin showed me
EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing
2008-11-19T21:32:20 google, docs, collaborative, writing, editing, documents, document, collaboration, webapp, editor
Google Docs clone that is very good at multi-user editing at the same time.
iGoogle Motion Chart Gadget
2008-11-10T04:19:28 motionchart, analytics, gapminder, graphs, charts, chart, visualization, data, statistics, graph, design, google, visualisation
based on Gapminder
Gapminder – Home
2008-11-10T04:15:56 google, ted, talk, talks, stats, design, graph, graphs, data, gapminder, presentation, graphics, database, statistics, visualization, charts
Open Source data visualization software presented at a Ted Talk and bought by Google.
Task-Centered User Interface Design : 4. Evaluating the Design Without Users
2008-11-05T03:20:34 umn, csci, 5115, design, usability, Nielsen, Heuristics
Task Centered User Interface Design Heuristics – from class.
John McCain – The Making (and Remaking and Remaking) of the Candidate – NYTimes.com
2008-10-28T16:54:47 nytimes, palin
Interesting article that includes behind the scenes the week of McCain’s VP Announcement.
libgmail — Python binding for Google’s Gmail service
2008-10-26T21:38:21 libgmail, python, google, api, gmail, http
python libary that connects to gmail’s web interface
Series: Gmail Architecture «
2008-10-26T21:38:01 gmail, google, javascript, architecture, ajax, chat, gchat, gtalk, talk
This guy did a bit of reverse-engineering of the gmail web interface. Reminds me of
jscrob2 – iTunes plug-in w/ iPod sync support & real-time submissions – iTunes (Windows Version) – Last.fm
2008-10-26T20:52:16 apple, itunes, last.fm, audioscrobbler, lastfm, plugins, ipod, windows, plugin, tiny
tiny plugin for itunes the submits songs to last.fm. alternative to http://www.last.fm/forum/827/_/47398
Variety Theatre 2008 | “Can’t Stop the Beat!”
2008-10-21T19:42:55 action, variety, show
Hugh Springer Jr put together an online flyer for the Variety Show.
Free-Codecs.com :: Download QuickTime Alternative (QT Lite) 2.7.0 : QT Lite is a lightweight version of QuickTime.
2008-10-17T17:40:50 apple, quick, time, alternative, lite, qtlite, codec, software, windows
Quicktime alternative. Much smaller than Apple’s version. Fully compatible with iTunes
jscrob2 – iTunes plug-in w/ iPod sync support & real-time submissions – iTunes (Windows Version) – Last.fm
2008-10-17T03:28:37 apple, itunes, last.fm, audioscrobbler, lastfm, plugins, ipod, windows, plugin, tiny
tiny plugin for itunes the submits songs to last.fm
Communication Center
2008-10-15T18:04:08 lasalle, comcenter
website I helped make
SeeqPod – Playable Search – Find. Discover. Watch. Listen. Share.
2008-10-13T01:31:47 mp3, search, music
Searches the internet for mp3’s and puts lets you queue them in a playlist.
Google 2001
2008-10-07T02:41:56 google, 2001, archive, timemachine
In honor of our 10th birthday, we’ve brought back our oldest available index. Take a look back at Google in January 2001.
Template Tags « WordPress Codex
2008-10-03T18:37:20 wordpress, mu, codex, template, tags, functions, theme, themes, wp, templates
I’ve ended up using that page a ton over the last couple months
YouTube – Hip Hop Violin – Paul Dateh and inka one
2008-10-03T13:36:06 music
Justin showed me this.
The Little Flowers of St. Francis
2008-10-01T14:52:27 little, flowers, ewtn, francis, spiritual
Shared Status Messages – Google Talk for Developers – Google Code
2008-09-30T20:53:43 xmpp, jabber, google, talk, googletalk, gtalk, status, message, presence
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
2008-09-29T02:46:06 windows, registry, nt, boot, editor, binary, hive, file, files, alternative
Found this tonight. It’s the only alternative to the windows API for editing binary registry hive files that I know of.
YouTube – Like_youknow
2008-09-27T05:21:51 poetry, video, language, culture, youtube, like, ya, you, know
Amazon Mechanical Turk – Welcome
2008-09-26T14:56:06 amazon, work, jobs, outsourcing
amazon’s outsourcing market.
generating python module dependency graphs
2008-09-26T12:36:18 python, dependency, graph, diagram, graphviz, dependencies, visualisation, graphing
Graph of imports between files.
2008-09-16T22:05:02 network, printer, emulator
p910nd is a small printer daemon that does not spool to disk but passes the job directly to the printer. Normally a lpr daemon on a spooling host connects to it with a TCP connection on port 910n (where n=0, 1, or 2 for lp0, 1 and 2 respectively).
Brother International – Printers – HL-1440
2008-09-16T20:31:18 brother, laser, laserjet, hl, 1440, printer
Printer we got from South Bend.
DjangoCon 2008 Sessions
2008-09-16T17:27:16 python, django, talks, lecture, video, videos, youtube, djangocon, dev
Videos of the sessions from DjangoCon 2008, the first ever international Django conference. DjangoCon 2008 was hosted by Google’s Open Source Team at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA, USA Sept. 6 & 7, 2008.
University of Minnesota Webcam
2008-09-12T14:17:40 university, minnesota, uofm, umn, webcam, walter, library, it, cam, video
webcam of the mall area
Coldplay – What If – Listen free at Last.fm
2008-09-12T13:44:51 coldplay, what, if, music
for some reason I deleted this song off of my computer
Scrum (development) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2008-09-10T01:33:55 software, engineering, design, programming, development, process, agile, scrum, project
“Sprints” are 15-30 days. Sprint Planning Meeting: Project Owner tells the team what items he wants done and Team determines how much of this is possible. Once the sprint starts, the specs and requirements are frozen. Every day morning there is a 15 minute “Scrum meeting” where progress is reviewed. This meeting is done standing up, so it does not last longer than it should. At the end of the sprint, the software is shippable
Welcome | AmazonFresh
2008-09-09T02:46:08 amazon, groceries, food
Amazon grocery delivery service.
YouTube – The Raconteurs “Steady, As She Goes”
2008-09-09T02:07:01 raconteurs, white, stripes, steady, as, she, goes, music
Ben and I like this song
YouTube – Mark Ronson – Just
2008-09-09T01:58:08 radiohead, just, music, cover, remix
remix of radiohead’s just. I don’t care for the video.
YouTube – Nostalgia 77 – Seven Nation Army (White Stripes Cover)
2008-09-09T01:54:28 seven, nation, army, white, stripes, cover, music
cool seven nation army cover
CSCI 5801: Software Engineering I
2008-09-07T20:03:23 umn, csci, 5801, fall, 2008
class i’m taking
CSci 5106 – Programming Languages – University of Minnesota
2008-09-07T20:01:24 umn, csci, 5106, fall, 2008
class i’m taking
CSci 5115: User Interface Design
2008-09-07T20:00:27 umn, csci, 5115, fall, 2008
class i’m taking
Math 5248: Cryptology and Number Theory
2008-09-07T19:59:27 umn, math, 5248, Cryptology, fall, 2008
class i’m taking
Weekly Class Schedule
2008-09-07T19:55:29 umn, class, classes, schedule, weekly
Renewed-Life.com featuring books, Bibles, music and more to help you live in Christ.
2008-09-07T19:41:23 lasalle
FileMerge diff on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
2008-09-07T04:01:40 svn, mac, diff, gui, merge, filemerge
Equal Transit Time Fallacy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2008-09-06T19:15:38 lift, physics
The way I learned how lift works is incorrect. There is no requirement that two particles traveling around a wing need to meet up on the other side.
The Official ImgBurn Website
2008-09-03T23:18:09 iso, burn, burner, cd, dvd, dvd-decrypter, apps, free, freeware
Legal version of DVD Decrypter
Dropout With a Capital D
2008-08-26T19:46:30 college, drop, dopped, out
This guy explains why he dropped out of college
Monty Hall problem – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2008-08-20T01:53:26 probability, mathematics, logic, wikipedia
Suppose you’re on a game show, and you’re given the choice of three doors: Behind one door is a car; behind the others, goats. You pick a door, say No. 1, and the host, who knows what’s behind the doors, opens another door, say No. 3, which has a goat. He then says to you, “Do you want to pick door No. 2?” Is it to your advantage to switch your choice?
adherents.gif (GIF Image, 886×643 pixels)
2008-08-05T01:33:14 religion, us, usa, filetype:gif, media:image
Awesome map of religion in the united states
It’s an HTTParty and Everyone Is Invited! // RailsTips.org by John Nunemaker
2008-07-30T18:28:18 api, ruby, xml, json, rest, http, webservices
Abstract generic http rest api
netaddr – Google Code
2008-07-25T12:49:41 python, ip, network, address, ipv4, netaddr
Python library for dealing with ip addresses
A List Apart: Articles: Community: From Little Things, Big Things Grow
2008-07-18T19:27:19 flickr, design, usability, community, webdesign
“I adore it when people tell me that Flickr makes them feel a certain way. From the outset, I worked hard to make the site seem as if there was a person behind the screen talking to you. As we churned out pages to piece the site together, I obsessed about
kurtanderson08 – Kurt M. Anderson for United States Senate from Minnesota
2008-07-17T02:56:11 kma, us, senate
My dad is running for US Senate again.
Election Reporting
2008-07-17T02:55:15 kma, us, senate
My dad is running for senate again.
Ironic Sans: Thsrs – The Shorter Thesaurus
2008-07-10T13:08:54 words, english, dictionary, thesaurus
from: ben 1. Enter a long word. 2. Receive shorter synonyms.
Django Unit Tests and Transactions — Stereoplex
2008-07-07T17:38:21 python, django, test, testing, transaction, transactions, unittest, database
2008-07-06T17:05:40 http, httpd, javascript, js, server
“really small HTTP server in JavaScript” You could modify this to run in a web browser using comet.
Abe’s Tumblelog – Mom’s Lord’s Day Bread
2008-07-04T19:57:48 olson, bread, food
Olson Bread
Digital Web Magazine – Portable Social Networks, The Building Blocks Of A Social Web
2008-07-03T13:28:55 portable, social, network, networks, xfn, openid, distributedsocialnetworks, microformats
“If you only read one article on portable social networks, make it this one.” – Simon Willison
The Perfect 3 Column Liquid Layout: No CSS hacks. SEO friendly. iPhone compatible.
2008-07-02T17:08:09 css, webdesign, layout, design, 3column, layouts, html, xhtml
google-styleguide – Google Code
2008-07-02T13:20:41 google, c++, code, coding, style, documentation
“When you’re working on a large software project, how you express something may be a vital part of the code. At Google, we’ve adopted a set of conventions intended to give all contributors a common coding vocabulary. This ensures that it’s as easy as poss
Regex Tester – RegexPal
2008-07-01T13:08:08 regex, regexp, re, regular, expressions
Fluid – Free Site Specific Browser for Mac OS X Leopard
2008-07-01T12:36:50 safari, mac, browser, osx, apple
Safari powered site specific browser for mac os x
Three Index Cards To Easily Remember The Essence Of Test-Driven Development
2008-06-30T15:10:14 tdd, test, testing, tests
Log In
2008-06-29T20:06:02 webdesign, video, login, interface, vimeo
Very cool looking login screen
Free Online Database Application, Web Database Application, Online Database Software, Sample Database Applications, Web Form Builder, HTML Forms, Web Forms, Online Forms: Zoho Creator
2008-06-29T03:34:28 database, zoho, creator, db, databases
Looks similar to http://dabbledb.com/. From Abe.
wtop – Google Code
2008-06-25T17:41:01 apache, monitoring, sysadmin, statistics, wtop, stats, analysis, webserver
“wtop is like “top” for your webserver. How many searches or signups are happening per second? What is the response time histogram for your static files? wtop shows you at a glance. “
Kaltura – Open Source Video Platform
2008-06-25T17:07:16 video, kaltura, open-source, opensource
“Kaltura’s open source platform enables any site to seamlessly and cost–effectively integrate advanced interactive rich–media functionalities, including video searching, uploading, importing, editing, annotating, remixing, and sharing. Kaltura’ goal i
Twitter / comcastcares
2008-06-24T21:52:38 comcast, twitter
Comcast is on twitter.
Bridge Construction Set
2008-06-24T13:10:29 bridge, game, physics, simulation, sim, architecture, engineering, bridges
Looks like SimBridge or something.
How to tell which CD you need to reinstall Windows XP using a product key
2008-06-23T00:13:23 windows, win, xp, cd, product, key
tells you how to determine by the Product ID, product key what license of XP a computer has.
Slicehost – VPS Hosting
2008-06-22T23:38:33 vps, linux, hosting, webhosting
pop.org is hosted with this.
Milwaukee Avenue Historic District – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2008-06-19T12:43:14 minneapolis, mn, milwaukee
Sean mentioned this at dinner last night. “The earliest example of a planned workers’ community in Minneapolis”
Link to PDFs from HTML — The PowerPoint FAQ
2008-06-18T22:30:33 pdf, url, link, linking, html
works, and much more.
Post to Del.icio.us
2008-06-18T13:22:22 del.icio.us
bookmarks toolbar
6.5.1 Itertool functions
2008-06-17T21:24:08 python, generator, itertools, iterator, iterators
Cool stuff. I have made chain and count on my own before. Turns out I didn’t need to.
Seth’s Blog: Email checklist
2008-06-17T12:34:31 email, checklist
“# Is it going to just one person? (If yes, jump to #10)

  1. Since it’s going to a group, have I thought about who is on my list?
  2. Are they blind copied?
  3. Did every person on the list really and truly opt in? Not like sort of, but really ask for it?


Google Open Source Blog: Standing Against License Proliferation
2008-06-16T12:42:11 google, code, license, licenses, bsd, gpl, apache, opensource, open
“we are nearing 100,000 projects hosted on Google Code. The trend around licensing is obvious: GPLv2/GPLv3 represent 42.6% of the projects, and Apache is 25.8%. MIT, BSD, and LGPL are at about 8% each, Artistic at 3.5%, and MPL 1.1 at a mere 2.7%. This fo
DOSBox, a x86 emulator with DOS
2008-06-14T03:12:17 dos, emulator
A must have if you want to play any old 2D game.
blueprintcss – Google Code
2008-06-13T13:25:15 css, framework, library
“I must admit, I’m pretty impressed by the Blueprint generator/compressor script; being able to pick my columns, widths and class names and get the starter CSS for a new layout is hot.” – James Bennett
Cyberduck | FTP for Mac OS X.
2008-06-12T20:49:40 amazon, s3, osx, mac, opensource, ftp, sftp, webdav
Asterisk :: The Open Source PBX & Telephony Platform |
2008-06-12T15:55:07 pbx, phone, opensource, telephony, voip
Open Source phone software.
Photoshop-like JavaScript Color Picker
2008-06-09T18:27:32 css, color, picker, javascript, js, hex, html
i had to search for a while to find this.
COM Automation: Type Information (II)
2008-06-09T01:09:11 com, dcom, win32com
IDispatch, GetTypeInfo, ITypeInfo, GetTypeAttr, etc. Unfortunately, python’s win32com does not abstract this much to my knowledge.
Chat and text display issues in “Halo: Combat Evolved”
2008-06-08T05:36:13 halo, game, games, xml, chat, message, messages
Apparently I actually do need Microsoft XML Parser.
Comet Daily » Blog Archive » Persevere Adds Comet Support
2008-05-28T12:46:33 comet, javascript, server, persevere, bayeux, json
a json database that allows for subscribing to changes.
UnixCommandLineKungFu – Fullscreen
2008-05-27T02:04:56 unix, linux, commandline, bash
crazy linux command line tricks. never heard of a lot of these.
Camera Hacks: Turn Your Point-and-Shoot into a Super-Camera
2008-05-26T03:28:44 camera, canon, firmware
My camera is now awesome! custom firmware.
Drop.io: Simple Private Exchange
2008-05-25T17:15:27 storage, hosting
save a file up to 1gb online. it will stay up as long as someone views it every year. seems to be very easy.
R2D2 Projector
2008-05-25T16:41:37 r2d2, starwars, projector
A remote control projector that can drive around the room.
Pure JavaScript vi within a browser
2008-05-25T14:16:24 vi, javascript, vim
vim implemented in javascript.
ongoing · Multi-Inflection-Point Alert
2008-05-22T01:46:59 business, technology, computing, architecture, trends
a good summary on the current state of computers. I find it interesting that he says that although processors are supporting more and more threads that threading is not the way to go.
Yahoo! UI Library: Browser History Manager
2008-05-22T01:35:57 url, yui, yahoo, ajax, javascript, history, browser
Framework for javascript url framents
Generator Tricks for Systems Programmers
2008-05-21T12:41:07 python, generator, generators, yield
in depth on how to make pipelines in python using generators.
1027 Univesity Avenue SE
2008-05-17T15:22:26 1027, university, ave, se
SourceForge.net: Xming X Server for Windows
2008-05-15T01:49:53 x11, windows, win32, xming
almost forgot the name of this. nice and basic xming x server. much easier to install and maintain than cygwin
Session variables without cookies
2008-05-14T17:06:00 javascript, sessions, cookies, js, session
Stores up to 2MB of data in the window.name variable. Basically tab-local session data, but vulnerable to XSS.
Computing Facilities – math.umn.edu
2008-05-14T04:04:22 umn, math, ssh, linux, lab, labs
listing of the math department’s linux computers
Products Center — Vigor2910G
2008-05-09T21:14:33 router, wan
interesting. this router can connect to two different internet connections at once, allowing redundancy and twice the bandwidth.
Johnny Chung Lee – Projects – Wii
2008-05-09T19:47:47 video, wiimote, bluetooth, multitouch, remote
Chris showed me this. Watch the second video. Wiimotes cost $40. This is awesome.
$14 Steadycam The Poor Mans Steadicam
2008-05-09T19:41:52 steadycam, camera, video
“Steadycams (or camera stabilizers) are attachments used to capture smooth looking video even when the camera and camera operator are in motion. The camera operator may walk (or even jog), move through tight hallways and doorways, and even climb up and do
rossp.org – django-authopenid – Google Code
2008-05-09T18:15:20 django, auth, openid
“This up and coming Django application provides a new user-authentication interface built on top of the Django ‘auth’ module and Simon Willison’s Django OpenID Consumer application.”
Can python threads take advantage of use dual core?
2008-05-09T18:08:33 python, parallel, threads, thread
Threading on the regular python interpreter does not take advantage of multiple cores. Threading on Jython and IronPython both do take advantage of multiple cores. Summary: Use Python threads for IO operations in parallel, not for computations in parallel
Jeditable – Edit In Place Plugin For jQuery
2008-05-09T16:54:03 jquery, javascript, plugin, ajax, edit, admin, meta
The web needs more of these.
MX-100 3.5″ USB Hard Drive Enclosure
2008-05-08T17:50:55 usb, hard, drive, enclosure
$15 hard drive enclosure I might buy
15-750 — Graduate Algorithms — Spring 2006
2008-05-05T05:15:35 umn, csci, 5451, luby, algorithm, filetype:pdf, media:document
page 3 has pseudo code for version 2 of Luby’s MIS algorithm
What are Public DNS Servers?
2008-05-01T21:35:25 free, dns, server, public, servers
Heuristics for User Interface Design
2008-04-28T22:58:18 design, usability, ui, interface
‘These are ten general principles for user interface design. They are called “heuristics” because they are more in the nature of rules of thumb than specific usability guidelines.’
YDN Theater: The State of Ajax | Douglas Crockford
2008-04-28T22:41:22 ajax, douglascrockford, video, yahoo, history, douglas, crockford
Douglas Crockford has a critical view of the future of the web. If we don’t fix the problems with the web, it may be replaced with Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe AIR. 38 minutes.
2008-04-28T21:58:16 vi, cheatsheet, vim, linux, filetype:gif, media:image
2008-04-28T21:47:52 vi, vim, keyboard, terminal, arrow, keys, filetype:jpg, media:image
2008-04-23T15:28:12 wifi, wireless, maps
“Free Wi-Fi/HotSpot Finder”
Web pages for MPI and MPE
2008-04-21T00:23:27 umn, csci, 5451, parallel, mpi
MPI Routines reference function calls
The final hour for filing taxes
2008-04-17T19:11:21 flash, video, flv, taxes, sean
“I got the paper work done about 20 minutes ago.” – Sean is at 1:28
hugin – Panorama photo stitcher
2008-04-16T20:39:37 panorama, photography, photo, stitch, sticher
open source, very nice
Bossanova – Blue Bossanova.mp3
2008-04-15T03:44:21 music, mp3, blue, bossanova, filetype:mp3, media:audio
good song Chris found
Class Search – Search Results
2008-04-15T02:31:54 umn, class, search, lit, literature, lib, ed, libed
I will need to take a literature class eventually.
MSSE: Master of Science in Software Engineering
2008-04-15T00:52:45 umn, seng, msse, software, engineering, se, education
This program has some cool looking classes.
Le Corbusier – Towards a New Architecture
2008-04-14T02:18:46 umn, arch, architecture
book I need to read for architecture class
2008-2009 Room and Board Rates
2008-04-11T20:20:52 umn, rent
Glad I am not living in the dorms. $470 per month, not including food. Of couse it has the advantage of the 9 month contract, which leaves you free to live somewhere else over the summer. They also require a meal plan of at least $571/mo.
Skyhook Wireless
2008-04-11T15:11:38 wifi, location, wireless, gps, data, mac, address
Skyhook ran vehicles around the streets of 8000 cities, and recorded the locations, mac addresses, and signal strengths of over 23 million wireless access points. The data can now be used to locate where you are based on the surrounding wi-fi signals.
Administrative Debris
2008-04-09T21:39:10 design, usability, interface, ui, webdesign
“I’ve convinced myself that a separate admin area or settings page ought not exist at all and that the functionality provided could be integrated more naturally with the site’s primary content.”
Video on Flickr! « Flickr Blog
2008-04-09T20:41:45 flickr, video, videos
flickr now allows videos up to 90 seconds
kyte: Mobile
2008-04-09T02:15:39 mobile, video, streaming, kyte, live, broadcast
broadcast live video from your java enabled cell phone
Blue Bossanova by Bossanova
2008-04-05T04:19:53 music, blue, bossanova
found by Chris
Bob Dylan: Make You Feel My Love
2008-04-05T03:48:12 music, bob, dylan, lyrics, make, you, feel, my, love, jt, kelly, jtkelly
Paladin Tools Home Theater 70053 Tool Kit
2008-04-04T12:11:54 video, compression, connector, crimper, rca, bnc, f, coaxial, stripper, rg6
Just purchased for J-T concert
6 x 2 S-Video Audio/Video Selector Switch w/REMOTE with with ALL Gold Plated RCA Jacks
2008-04-02T15:02:53 video, switcher, s-video, svideo, rca, composite
6 source, 2 output video switcher in South Bend
Empty Thoughts: JSON Generic Serializer
2008-04-01T01:09:12 python, django, json, javascript, serialization
“The reason the default json serializer (django.core.serialize) doesn’t work well for my purposes is because the default implementation is built around the idea that the objects that are serializable need to be deserializable as full objects as well. I
2008-03-28T21:24:54 python, pep, pep8, coding, style
“a tool to check your Python code against some of the style conventions in PEP 8”
iROC Innovative Idea Cache
2008-03-28T18:33:06 umn, iroc, ideas
“Project to collect and evaluate innovative research & technology ideas on campus. Ideas can be voted on, evaluated, discussed and either implemented or shelved for possible later use.”
2008-03-28T16:07:00 video, streaming, live, webcam, broadcast, flash
This does nearly everything we dreamed of last summer, plus it is free and easy.
Downloads for Dazzle Digital Video Creator Products
2008-03-28T14:31:06 pinnacle, dazzle, digital, video, creator, dvc, dvc100, dvc80, downloads, download, driver, drivers
The closest thing to drivers for the two usb video capture devices on pinnacle’s website.
Gmail – Compose Mail
2008-03-21T18:31:30 gmail, url
compose a new gmail message
2008-03-21T12:21:28 spiritual, exercises, saint, ignatius, loyola, meditation, meditations
List of Google acquisitions – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2008-03-20T21:39:23 wikipedia, google, acquisition, acquisitions, business, list
Relationships are complicated | FactoryCity
2008-03-20T20:40:09 microformats, socialnetworking, contacts, xfn, relationship, relationships
“I believe that technically-mediated social networking at any level beyond very simple, local applications is fundamentally, and probably persistently, a bad idea. From where I stand, the only sane response is to keep our conceptions of friendship and aff
Dynamo: Amazon’s Highly Available Key-value Store
2008-03-18T04:11:38 amazon, architecture, distributed, scalability, dynamo, soa, filetype:pdf, media:document
very cool stuff, I want to read this
What can we learn about usability…
2008-03-18T03:38:32 usability, ui, humor, interface, design, google, apple, cartoon, comic
A quick lesson on design
Martian Headsets – Joel on Software
2008-03-17T18:32:10 standards, web, ie8, browser, microsoft, webstandards, html
“As usual, the idealists are 100% right in principle and, as usual, the pragmatists are right in practice. The flames will continue for years. This debate precisely splits the world in two. If you have a way to buy stock in Internet flame wars, now would
Agile Testing: Running a Python script as a Windows service
2008-03-16T21:55:35 windows, win32, service, services, python, daemon
Runs a python program in the background automatically on startup with no users logged on.
Txt2day Cell Phone Provider Lookup
2008-03-16T02:14:12 cell, phone, phones, lookup, carrier, provider, number
This gives an estimate for the provider of a cell phone number.
Buy Tickets | Guthrie Theater
2008-03-15T22:29:55 umn, arch, 3412, guthrie, backstage, tour
I need to go on a Guthrie backstage tour for Arch class.
JotForm – Easiest Form Builder
2008-03-14T14:52:59 html, form, forms, web, builder, maker
looks a lot better than wufoo.com
University of Minnesota and Trapeze Networks Announce World’s Largest 802.11n Deployment
2008-03-12T18:03:36 umn, wireless, 802.11, 802.11n
2008-03-12T02:09:42 snmp, wireless
I can’t find a good pure python snmp client, so I’ll have to keep using this in the meantime.
University of Minnesota Bookstore
2008-03-11T23:13:13 umn, uofm, bookstore, textbook, text, book, search, class
If you know of a book you want to read, you can search by the author or ISBN to see if there is a class that uses that as the text book.
CLOC — Count Lines of Code
2008-03-11T23:04:44 lines, of, code, perl
pretty simple, written in perl
Introduction to Parallel Computing
2008-03-11T16:39:35 umn, csci, 5451, parallel, computing, programming, concurrency, cs
part of the book for my class
You Used Python to Write WHAT? – CIO.com – Business Technology Leadership
2008-03-07T17:40:48 python, development
A very nice, broad overview of Python, with pros and cons. See also Ruby, PHP, and Javascript.
Tinkerable Software
2008-03-07T03:47:46 design, usability, software
This guy is all about people being able to change the software they use. That is his philosophy, but he suggests writing code to customize things. There should be an easier way to do it.
How to Do Anything Photographic
2008-03-06T18:13:28 photography, photo, photos, pictures
A Small Orange – Web Hosting, Software and more!
2008-03-06T17:20:02 shared, hosting, webhosting
shared hosting one:ten uses
Web hosting provider – Bluehost.com – domain hosting – PHP Hosting – cheap web hosting – Frontpage Hosting E-Commerce Web Hosting Bluehost
2008-03-06T17:15:43 hosting, shared, webhosting, host
When TCP Breaks: Delay- and Disruption-Tolerant Networking
2008-03-06T14:43:43 internet, dtn, tcp, networking
how to get the internet in space
Steve Chen: YouTube to Add Live Video « NewTeeVee
2008-03-06T02:57:08 youtube, live, video, streaming
Gojko Adzic ” Two data streams for a happy website
2008-03-05T23:12:12 architecture, webdev, performance, database, caching, design, scaling, scalability
Idea of seperating the cacheable from the non-cacheable from the start.
Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business
2008-03-05T19:19:28 free, economics, wired, strategy, business
It really goes into the economics of how free 2.0 works.
An Incremental Approach to Compiler Construction
2008-03-05T16:49:14 scheme, lisp, compiler, assembly, filetype:pdf, media:document
creating a scheme assembler from c and assembly from:Malcolm Tredinnick
Could you go live with less than 600 lines of code?
2008-03-02T16:05:40 37signals, ruby, rails, minimalism, minimal
“If I’m prepared to operate within the constraints of the platform (whatever that is) how much effort would that save me? How many more “interesting ideas” could I turn into working products if I was prepared to follow these constraints? How many m”
UI Breakthrough-Command Line Interfaces
2008-03-01T19:50:59 ui, gui, commandline, usability, interface, design, search, cli, engine, engines, command, line
idea that modern search engines are the new command line interface
Balsbaugh7: Morning Prayer
2008-02-29T04:18:43 balsbaugh, blog, servantbranch, peopleofpraise, opinion, prayer, action, entertainment, culture, trinity, trinityschool, river, ridge, riverridge, create, creativity
newforms: emptying fields after failed validation – Django users | Google Groups
2008-02-28T14:27:11 django, newforms, password, validation
much easier
Google Talkabout: Google Talk chatback
2008-02-28T13:58:57 google, chat, im, googletalk, embed, talk
embed google talk on a webpage so you can talk to guests “To use chatback, you must have a Google Talk account … but your visitors don’t have to!”
Productivity over time « sammy.snickerpi
2008-02-28T03:02:23 xkcd, math, comic, productivity, homework
Ben’s tribute to xkcd
Masterpiece Engineering
2008-02-27T22:57:40 development, art, programming, software, process, painters, painter
How to prolong lithium-based batteries
2008-02-27T03:13:39 laptop, battery, batteries, lithium
35W Bridge project rebuild
2008-02-23T18:00:18 35w, bridge, mndot, live, webcam, construction, site
live webcams of the 35w bridge construction site
Top-10 Application-Design Mistakes (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)
2008-02-23T00:05:27 design, usability, ui, gui, webdesign
dmitrig01 | drupal.org
2008-02-22T22:28:31 drupal, developer, 12, year, years, old
This drupal develper is 12 years old, and apparently has had a drupal user account since he was 10
Stats about all US cities – relocation info, maps, race, income, photos, education, crime, weather, houses, etc.
2008-02-19T23:51:56 cities, demographics, data, city, database, everyblock, statistics, weather
Everyblock.com for the rest of us! via justinw
EvilChuck: Tell Python to Shove it!
2008-02-19T23:44:18 python, storage, s3, svn, shove, database, url, uri, dict, dictionary, interface, backend, backends
A dictionary interface to many different storage backends
Salon Technology | Fear of links
2008-02-19T21:49:42 blogs, blogging
“Weblogs, typically, are personal Web sites operated by individuals who compile chronological lists of links to stuff that interests them, interspersed with information, editorializing and personal asides. A good weblog is updated often, in a kind of real
Git – SVN Crash Course
2008-02-17T18:13:15 git, svn, tutorial, subversion, reference
git for svn users
ManagedQ: The Search Application
2008-02-14T03:41:16 search, visualization, google, searchengine, engine, flash
very cool, a little slow
OAuth wiki / ServiceProviders
2008-02-12T22:12:49 oauth, authentication
List of current websites that support OAuth
Plays Well With Others at Like It Matters
2008-02-12T21:18:06 oauth, openid, social, networks, xfn, hcard
“One of my favorite buisness model suggestions for entrepreneurs is, find an old UNIX command that hasn’t yet been implemented on the web, and fix that.” -Marc Hedlund
CSE Undergraduate Scholarships
2008-02-11T23:56:43 umn, it, csci, cse, scholarships, scholarship
Official Google Docs Blog: Stop sharing spreadsheets, start collecting information
2008-02-11T23:42:25 google, forms, spreadsheet, survey, collaboration, database
Stay At Home Servers
2008-02-11T19:28:28 microsoft, windows, server, book, books
A children’s book explaining home servers. (Also available on Amazon in paperback) (from:Karen)
Freeware Tools and Utilities for Windows
2008-02-11T17:13:35 windows, utilities, freeware, software, security, tools, password
very high quality and useful freeware utilities for windows
Evergreen-Bloomington :: Experience God– Not Religion
2008-02-10T18:44:02 old, trinity, river, ridge, riverridge
Concept Drawings of “our new old building” from Kevin from Micah
Visual jQuery 1.1
2008-02-10T05:50:49 javascript, jquery, js, reference
Dr. Dobb’s | Concurrency and Python | February 3, 2008
2008-02-08T04:17:43 python, concurrency, threads, parallel, erlang, scalability
“When thinking of concurrency, it’s useful to distinguish between I/O throughput and CPU throughput. Does the problem involve lots of concurrent requests, or does it involve lots of data to crunch? This distinction is important because some techniques wor
pydot – Google Code
2008-02-08T04:13:23 python, visualization, graph, graphs
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
2008-02-08T02:10:16 questions, question, how, to, howto, ask
“You shouldn’t be offended by this; by hacker standards, your respondent is showing you a rough kind of respect simply by not ignoring you. You should instead be thankful for this grandmotherly kindness.”
Brother Yun
2008-02-07T14:22:29 brother, yun, heavenly, man
Brother Yun comes to Minnesota Feb 14th
Social Graph API – Google Code
2008-02-06T23:05:37 google, social, socialgraph, graph, api, xfn, foaf
Shows your social graph
Evergreen-Bloomington :: Experience God– Not Religion
2008-02-06T21:56:10 old, trinity, river, ridge, riverridge, building
Google Maps API
2008-02-06T16:42:19 google, maps, javascript, js, googlemaps, kml, api, markers
The primary objective of the EGeoXml extension is to be able to take a “My Maps” KML file, … and render the markers, polylines and polygons under the API in a manner that exposes those objects, allowing them to be manipulated by the calling program.
USI Wireless high-speed broadband wireless internet services
2008-02-04T22:24:40 minneapolis, mpls, wireless, municipal
City of Minneapolis Wireless Service
Image:Whaling in the Faroe Islands.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2008-02-04T21:13:35 whale, whales, intestine, intestines, filetype:jpg, media:image
43 dead whales, some have their intestines spilling out.
UNITE Distributed Learning: Your Course List
2008-02-04T19:50:20 umn, it, unite, csci
Archived videos of my classes.
ASPN : Python Cookbook : Easy threading with Futures
2008-02-01T18:27:46 python, threading, threads, thread, futures
To run a function in a separate thread, simply put it in a Future: A=Future(longRunningFunction, arg1, arg2 …). It will continue until you need the result of your function. You can read the result by calling the Future like a function: print A()
Database Design, Application, Development & Administration
2008-01-31T22:53:34 umn, sql, csci, 4707, database, db
Has most of the sql data from the book
SENG 5199: SEng 5199 – Announcements
2008-01-31T20:50:24 umn, csci, seng, 5199, dynamic, languages
Dynamic Languages Graduate class.
Dabble DB: Explore Dabble
2008-01-31T14:53:37 database, dabble, db, migration, evolution, spreadsheet, schema
Wow. I wish this was open source.
Arc’s Out
2008-01-30T19:58:08 arc, lisp, language, scheme, design, architecture
“Good cleanness is a response to constraints imposed by the problem. Bad cleanness is a response to constraints imposed from outside– by regulations, or the expectations of powerful organizations.”
Top Ten Mistakes of Shopping Cart Design Revisited: A Survey of 500 Top
2008-01-30T16:40:28 shopping, cart, usability, webdesign, design, ui
SysExporter: Grab data from list-view, tree-view, combo box, WebBrowser control, and text-box.
2008-01-30T02:33:18 extract, export, windows, data, programs, utilities
Very nice program I used to use a lot. “SysExporter utility allows you to grab the data stored in standard list-views, tree-views, list boxes, combo boxes, text-boxes, and WebBrowser/HTML controls from almost any application running on your system, and ex
Internet Owl – Website Monitoring and Change Detection Software
2008-01-30T02:29:03 monitor, web, page, site, website, url, http
Useful for any public website that does does not have RSS. Sure I could make one of these myself, but I just don’t have the time.
Pastoral Bible Foundation / Christian Community Bible
2008-01-29T13:34:08 christian, community, bible, catholic, pdf
PDFs most of the Christian Community Bible. “Always REFRESH your browser. This page is being updated regularly.”
CSCI4211: Introduction to Computer Networks
2008-01-29T01:01:12 umn, csci, 4211, computer, networks, python
class webpage
General Purpose Classroom R25 Webviewer
2008-01-28T23:00:14 umn, ocm, classroom, management, classrooms, wvprd, schedule, viewer, r25
View class schedules by room. Is there a class in a certain room at a certain time? Uses software called R25
Technical mastery requires social innovation « Jon Udell
2008-01-28T22:38:00 del.icio.us, gmail, url, urls, innovation
Here’s a related example from Gmail. Recently, the application’s URLs became more RESTful. A message URL now looks like this: https://mail.google.com/mail/#inbox/116edd484f4ca72e. Why? So that you can bookmark it, exchange it, compose it with other th
2008-01-28T20:46:48 free, mp3, p2p, downloads, download, audio, music
“Free and Legal Music Downloads” – Wacker told me about this.
Sketching with a Sharpie
2008-01-28T12:55:48 sharpie, ui, 37signals, sketching, prototyping, interface, layout
Profile System Discussion | Emmaus Project
2008-01-26T21:53:52 emmaus, pop, oneten, one:ten
Scala (programming language) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2008-01-26T05:32:41 scala, language, java
apparently it’s the next new thing.
2008-01-23T22:53:03 python, django, adrian, holovaty, local, journalism, news
“What’s happening in my neighborhood?” – Adrian Holovaty’s new website has gone live.
CSci 4707: Practice of Database Systems, Spring 2008
2008-01-23T22:03:04 umn, csci, 4707, database, systems, databases
class webpage
Jon Udell | CUSEC 2008 | Hacking the Noosphere
2008-01-23T20:41:13 internet, tacit, rest, uri, url, json, social
“social hacks” “LibriVox is actually powered by a set of agreements and protocols and traditions. You can imagine encoding those in software, and the project’s founder might have wanted to, if he’d had access to the right kind of …”
2008-01-23T17:28:39 python, erlang, concurrency, concurrent, threads
Candygram is a Python implementation of Erlang concurrency primitives. Erlang is widely respected for its elegant built-in facilities for concurrent programming. This package attempts to emulate those facilities as closely as possible in Python.
Bram Cohen’s Journal – Great Programmers
2008-01-23T17:08:27 programming, architecture, design, article
The realy difficulty in coming up with something like BitTorrent is that it involves fundamentally rethinking all of your basic approaches. This is very difficult for humans to do. We attack any new problem we encounter with techniques we already know, an
Lisp: The Golden Age Isn’t Coming Back, Let’s Welcome a Bright Future
2008-01-23T03:37:35 lisp, scheme, programming, article
Internet Programming
2008-01-23T00:36:51 umn, csci, 4131, internet, programming
class webpage
Course: Introduction to Parallel Computing: Architecture, Algorithms, and Programming
2008-01-22T19:09:26 umn, csci, 5451, parallel, computing, threading, threads, thread
Parallel Computing class webpage using moodle.
Christian school glories in new Eagan location
2008-01-17T19:41:40 minnesota, trinityschool, trinity, river, ridge, riverridge
Minneapolis Colocation – St. Paul Colocation – Minneapolis Managed Hosting – St. Paul Dedicated Hosting – High-speed Connectivity – DSL – Minnesota Web Hosting | VISI
2008-01-15T20:31:41 minnesta, hosting
MyFox Twin Cities | First Day of School…In January?
2008-01-15T18:28:35 video, news, trinity, TrinitySchool
School’s been in session for several months now, but some students in Eagan are walking into their school’s classroom for the very first time today. M.A. Rosko reports from Trinity School at River Ridge to explain.
HP JetDirect proxy and Emulator
2008-01-14T02:08:09 printer, printing, print, hp, jet, direct, jetdirect, emulate, emulator, Emulation
make a usb printer appear as a hp jetdirect printer?
7 PEP 342: New Generator Features
2008-01-12T23:49:56 python, pep, yield, generator, generators
GoogleReaderAPI – pyrfeed – Google Code
2008-01-11T18:18:52 api, google, rss, reader, googlereader
shows how to create a custom front end user interface to Google Reader
Fifty Years of Software Development
2008-01-11T05:51:10 programming, history, software, development, design
“I believe that source control was not widely prevalent until 1999. Here’s why:”
O’Reilly — The History of Programming Languages
2008-01-11T05:44:49 language, languages, programming, history
Graph of the evolution of languages
AskTog: A Quiz Designed to Give You Fitts
2008-01-11T05:34:04 ui, gui, mouse, user, interface
Fitts’ Law: The time to acquire a target is a function of the distance to and size of the target.
Lenovo Support & downloads – Drivers and software – 3000 N200 (type 0769)
2008-01-11T02:40:10 laptop, lenovo, ibm, driver, drivers
drivers for my laptop
Software Engineering 5199 – Dynamic Languages
2008-01-09T18:37:59 umn, csci, seng, 5199
looks like an awesome class, but for grad students only. maybe i’ll just read the lecture notes.
2008-01-09T18:23:26 scheme, lisp, specification
Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme
CookBookThreadlocalsAndUser – Django Code – Trac
2008-01-07T19:35:05 python, django, user, middleware, request, thread, threading, threads
give models access to the current user via thread-global variable
2008-01-05T23:41:32 python, utilitymill, email, addresses, address
little utillity I wrote
Django | Using newforms with models | Django Documentation
2008-01-03T22:13:03 django, newforms, forms, modelform, modelforms, model, models
form_for_model and form_for_instance are deprecated, modelforms is the new solution.
Acer Aspire 4315-2004
2008-01-03T16:14:00 laptop, notebook, microcenter, acer
$380 laptop, no dvd burner, 512 ram, 4200 rpm hard drive
Lenovo 3000 N200 0769-ALU
2008-01-03T15:47:52 laptop, notebook, microcenter
$400 laptop, sd card reader, but only 512 ram (I have another 512 stick), no dvd burner
Utility Mill – Makes Utilities
2008-01-03T15:20:25 python, utilities, html, form
Make a python utility with a HTML Form front end easily
BeginnersGuide/NonProgrammers – PythonInfo Wiki
2008-01-03T04:02:50 python, tutorial, learning, guide
Cheap VPS Hosting at VPSLink
2008-01-02T23:53:50 vps, hosting, ubuntu, linux, webhosting
2008-01-02T23:50:19 hosting, webhosting, vps, webhost, python, linux
cheap, but seems to only allow one domain?
YouTube – Rube Goldberg – Japanese Championships
2008-01-02T21:57:55 youtube, video, rube, goldbery, chain, reaction, machine
eTimecards Staff Home
2008-01-02T16:59:19 umn, adcs, adcswb, west, bank, timecards
timecard webpage for work
26″ Mens’ Roadmaster Mt. Fury Mountain Bike – Wal-Mart
2008-01-01T23:05:11 walmart, mountain, bike
Software and interface
2007-12-31T18:49:05 olpc, python, pippy
Django and Comet
2007-12-31T01:31:01 chat, comet, django, python, javascript, js, orbit, pyorbited
This is excelent. This allows real time events using django
AVoverCat5.com – The definitive audio-visual structured cabling resource
2007-12-31T01:09:54 hardware, video, audio, cat5
A Green Light for Common Sense – washingtonpost.com
2007-12-24T21:45:46 minimal, traffic, laws
a small town in Germany abandons almost all of its traffic laws as an effort to increase safety. I like this type of thinking.
The Iceberg Secret, Revealed – Joel on Software
2007-12-18T20:15:59 programming, software, gui, ui, management, business
User Interfaces are 10% of the program, but all anyone pays attention to when they think about what has actually been done.
Fire And Motion – Joel on Software
2007-12-18T18:35:24 productivity, procrastination, motivation, microsoft, management, business
Dinkytown – Google Video
2007-12-16T21:32:14 dinkytown, videos, video
good stuff
Design Patterns – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2007-12-07T23:01:14 programming, program, design, code, oo, object, orientated
Creating OpenSearch plugins for Firefox – MDC
2007-12-07T20:14:20 firefox, api, opensearch, search, autocomplete, suggest
import this. » Blog Archive » HOWTO: Secure Firefox and IM with PuTTY
2007-12-07T20:01:51 ssh, socks, putty, dynamic, port, forwarding, tunnel, firefox, http, proxy
how to use an ssh as http proxy
James Henstridge » OpenID 2.0
2007-12-07T19:40:17 openid, identity, authentication, directed
directed identity seems to be a very useful feature.
Christians Movement Calls I-35 A ‘Highway Of Holiness’
2007-12-07T17:42:40 35, highway, of, holiness, 35w, interstate
very similar target area
\\\\\\\”Identity\\\\\\\” the most widely misused term by Internet experts
2007-12-07T17:10:11 identity, openid, trust, prove
Identity, like a driver’s license on the internet, on a blog that escapes titles way too much.
Developer’s Guide – Google Chart API – Google Code
2007-12-06T19:27:12 google, api, charts, chart, graph, url, pie
Remote Desktop / Terminal Services Tip – Console session – The Planet Forums
2007-12-06T02:47:13 rdp, tips, server, 2003
Live Webcam in a CSOM computer lab
2007-12-06T00:39:04 umn, csom, live, webcam
Comet works, and it’s easier than you think
2007-12-05T22:08:36 javascript, comet, ajax, push
National Action Application – People of Praise – Northern Virginia Branch at www.popnova.org
2007-12-05T20:09:57 action, pop, nova, national, application
Airplane Graveyard
2007-11-28T03:54:30 google, maps, googlemaps, planes, airplanes
lots of planes on google maps
Eventlet – Second Life Wiki
2007-11-27T16:35:42 python, networking, network, async, library, concurrency, tcp
Tamper Data :: Firefox Add-ons
2007-11-27T15:58:07 firefox, extension, security, http, https, get, post
MacMall – #1 Mac Store, iPod nano, Mac Intel, Mac Computers & LCD TVs
2007-11-27T15:10:10 computer, hardware, mac, apple
Indy 911 Calls | IndyStar.com
2007-11-27T14:43:47 indy, indianapolis, 911, calls, yahoo, maps
Action History
2007-11-27T04:34:12 action, pop, history, blog
Orbited: PylonsChat Tutorial
2007-11-24T18:43:03 http, push, comet, python, pylons, ajax
/django/trunk/django/db/transaction.py – Django Code – Trac
2007-11-21T04:01:13 python, django, transaction, transactions, threading, thread, stack
Uses a cool threading/stack trick. With this trick, it is possible to keep track of the request object for each thread, and log the request object no matter how deep in the stack you are.
Eye-Fi » Home
2007-11-13T17:56:01 wifi, sd, flickr, wireless, camera, memory, upload, internet, photo, photos
this is what i need. (supports wpa)
SJMC Conference Center
2007-11-12T19:48:07 umn, murphy, hall, school, journalism, mass, communication, video, conferencing, conference, room
Room in Murphy hall all decked out for video conferencing. It is designed for 32 people.
Create a multiboot CD (or USB flash drive) – MEPIS Documentation Wiki
2007-11-08T19:10:41 cd, usb, boot, flash, image, syslinux, linux
ThinkGeek :: Ethernet Crossover Adapter
2007-11-08T05:01:43 network, internet, crossover, ethernet, rj45, cat5
this is hearby on my wishlist
Citrix » Secure Access Control » SSO » VPN » Remote Desktop Solutions
2007-11-08T04:07:29 citrix, vpn, remote, server, rdp, terminal, terminalservices, windows
Objective Windows Terminal Server & Remote Desktop Info
2007-11-08T04:01:18 windows, server, rdp, terminalserver, terminalservices, terminal, remote, desktop, session, mis
ACM Queue – A Conversation with Werner Vogels: Amazon’s CTO explains what’s behind its growth from online bookstore to e-commerce juggernaut.
2007-11-06T15:41:38 amazon, architecture, soa, scalability, scaling
“For us service orientation means encapsulating the data with the business logic that operates on the data, with the only access through a published service interface. No direct database access is allowed from outside the service, and there’s no data shar
Latest Firefox 1.5.x.x
2007-11-04T17:35:20 firefox, legacy, 1.5
Apparently they are still updating version 1.5 of firefox is the current version
Windows Vista: Which Edition Should You Get? – HelpWithWindows.com
2007-11-03T19:46:48 microsoft, windows, vista, comparison, edition, editions, smb, mis
very nice comparison of the features in the different editions
Bit Twiddling Hacks
2007-11-02T14:38:49 csci, 2021, csci2021, c, bit, cs
This would have been helpful last spring for csci 2021
Elsewhere I’m: Relationship Update Stream
2007-11-02T13:59:34 relationship, update, stream, atom, sixapart, socialnetworking, socialgraph, oauth, social, api
Is it Christmas?
2007-11-01T21:37:46 christmas
You can subscribe to the RSS feed too.
They Write the Right Stuff
2007-11-01T21:01:10 programming, process, software, design, development, nasa, formal, methods
NASA, Formal methods, Don’t allow creativity. Have bug hunt competitions. If there is an error, it is an error in the process.
Microsoft tips for donating computer equipment
2007-11-01T03:07:10 microsoft, donating, old, computer, charity, donate
c h r o m a s i a / photoblog / little planet #1
2007-10-31T20:53:59 awesome, photo
Top 100 largest classrooms
2007-10-31T04:14:27 umn, classroom, management, classrooms
IT Case Studies-Cisco on Cisco – Cisco Systems
2007-10-25T14:55:41 cisco, case, studies, mis
Bible Geocoding
2007-10-25T14:32:01 googlemaps, geography, bible, maps, google, geocoding, map
Routing and Switching-Case Studies – Cisco Systems
2007-10-25T01:07:47 cisco, routing, mis
Border Gateway Protocol – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2007-10-24T16:52:24 internet, ip, network, Networking, routing, protocol, bgp
CTWatch Quarterly ” Reinventing Scholarly Communication for the Electronic Age
2007-10-24T03:12:04 science, scholarly, Communication
Service discovery – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2007-10-24T03:09:12 service, discovery, udp, xmpp, uddi
Blackbaud The Financial Edge
2007-10-24T01:20:30 blackbaud, finance, mis, financial, edge, filetype:pdf, media:document
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Online Resource Center
2007-10-24T01:17:10 mis, finace, quickbooks, enterprise, intuit
Accounting and Financial Planning Software with Business Management Tools – QuickBooks – System Requirements
2007-10-24T01:15:26 quickbooks, accounting, intuit, premier, quickbooks_2007, mis, finance
Peachtree by Sage Premium Accounting for Nonprofits 2008 – System Requirements — Sage Software, Inc.
2007-10-24T01:12:10 mis, finance, accounting, sage, peachtree
A List Apart: Articles: Paper Prototyping
2007-10-23T22:03:49 design, usability, webdesign, paper, interface, prototyping, layout, ui, mis
Video: Social Bookmarking in Plain English | Common Craft – Video Production and Consulting
2007-10-23T21:51:21 del.icio.us, delicious, paper, video, bookmarks, bookmarking, bookmark, socialbookmarking
Rebuilding I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis, MN
2007-10-23T15:08:16 35w, bridge, plans
Building Communities with Software – Joel on Software
2007-10-23T14:42:24 features, feature, community, interface, usability
“Small software implementation details result in big differences in the way the community develops, behaves, and feels.”
Subtraction: If It Looks Like a Cow, Swims Like a Dolphin and Quacks Like a Duck, It Must Be Enterprise Software
2007-10-23T14:20:17 enterprise, software, usability, management, mis, business, interface
From the first comment:
“It’s pretty bad software, then; but it offers every single feature you could ever want (which looks good on paper, but not as good in real life)”
2007-10-20T22:47:00 video, chat, flash, webcam, communication
webservices.xml.com: What Is Service-Oriented Architecture
2007-10-20T22:33:13 soa, architecture, mis
What is SOA? – SOA and Web Services Explained
2007-10-20T22:32:04 soa, architecture, mis
PLEAC – Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook
2007-10-19T16:29:52 python, ruby, cookbook, reference, perl, java, example, examples, lisp, scheme, php, erlang, code
CNM Hexagon – A research project into persistent presence
2007-10-18T18:44:18 video, collaboration, flash, presence, webcam, hex
UMN internal ubuntu mirror
2007-10-18T14:34:44 umn, ubuntu, download
this is the one i want. 3000kb/s
Ubuntu Releases
2007-10-18T00:53:23 umn, ubuntu, mirror, linux
local umn ubuntu mirror
Welcome to mosaickr – Create mosaics from flickr pictures
2007-10-17T20:36:20 photo, flickr, mosaic, photos, image, images, pictures
I finally found a website that will do it
Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)
2007-10-17T16:16:48 ubuntu, linux, gutsy, gibbon, download, realease, 7.10, cdimage, iso
next version of ubuntu gets released oct 18th
Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git
2007-10-15T19:40:30 git, video, linus, google, versioning, version, revision
Bug.gd – Help, has anyone seen this error?
2007-10-15T19:39:31 bugs, errors
Implementing an Enterprise-Wide Space Management System – A Case Study at the University of Minnesota
2007-10-13T05:39:48 umn, mis, space, management, facm, facilities
Subcommittee on Twin Cities Facilities and Support Services
2007-10-13T05:12:30 umn, facm, building, buildings, fm
notes about discussions having to due with buildings since 2001
Unfuddle: Free Source Control, Bug and Issue Tracking
2007-10-12T21:48:18 subversion, svn, free
15 Free CD/DVD burning alternatives to Nero
2007-10-12T18:19:43 cd, burning, alternative, alternatives, free
Vine & Branches
2007-10-12T18:01:57 pop, people-of-praise
Configuring Apache httpd
2007-10-12T17:59:40 apache, server, config, httpd, conf
thats the way I like to do things: “start with no configuration and keep fixing it until it does what you want. “
Registration Times
2007-10-12T02:57:35 umn, onestop
journa-list scraper
2007-10-11T22:08:56 python, scraper, html, journa-list, google, code, svn
2007-10-11T21:28:46 umn, netfiles, xythos
5GB of free storage space
IPAM Appliance Solution – IP Address Management – Infoblox Built-in IPAM Appliance Solution with Integrated DNS and DHCP
2007-10-10T16:55:09 umn, ip, dhcp, dns, management
U of M just got this
Google Code for Educators
2007-10-09T15:18:48 google, education, videos
Pete Lacey’s Weblog :: What is SOA?
2007-10-06T19:33:46 soa, soap, rest, mis
“[SOA is] a mind set. It is the generally held belief that when implementing systems one should expose system functionality for general consumption directly from the network, as well as or instead of burying it behind a user interface.”
Open Source Alternative to Commercial Software – Downloadpedia
2007-10-05T19:17:13 opensource, open, source, software, alternative
i may reference this in the future
2007-10-05T19:12:22 open, source, opensource, cd, burning
Open Source CD burning program
Brad Fitzpatrick’s OpenID system launched
2007-10-05T19:06:34 openid
Blog post about the OpenID launch July 5th 2005
Information Technology Newsletter – September 1997
2007-10-05T16:45:22 umn, nts, telecomb, fiber, filetype:pdf, media:document
U of M newsletter from 1997. Page 11 has some cool stuff about the network upgrade.
Google Maps, HTML version
2007-10-04T14:19:02 google, googlemaps, maps, html
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
2007-10-04T01:35:56 umn, university, minnesota
Mark’s Blog
2007-10-04T01:24:23 sysinternals, blog, windows, microsoft
the sysinternals guy. he will search for hours to figure out every bug
Microsoft TechNet: Windows Sysinternals
2007-10-04T01:22:30 sysinternals, utilities, tools, freeware, microsoft, process
Very nice and robust tools for windows. They were good before microsoft bought them too.
2007-10-01T21:15:34 webrunner, firefox, browser, xul, mozilla
An SSB is an application with an embedded browser designed to work exclusively with a single web application. It’s doesn’t have the menus, toolbars and accoutrement’s of a normal web browser. Some people have called it a “distraction free browser”
Baked Ziti I
2007-10-01T20:38:46 dinner, baked, ziti
dinner tonight
Williams Arena Eastward
2007-09-27T12:06:35 umn, williams, arena, live, webcam
another live webcam (requires java)
live webcam near the new stadium
2007-09-27T03:49:53 umn, webcam, stadium
Capital Planning and Project Management, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2007-09-27T03:47:52 umn
current construction projects
webmail mailbox view
2007-09-27T03:27:33 umn, email, webmail, mail
old school umn webmail
University of Minnesota Annual Tuition Rates: 1960-61 to 2007-08: Twin Cities Campus
2007-09-27T03:14:01 umn, annual, tuition, rates, finance, filetype:pdf, media:document
2007-09-27T03:04:28 umn, calendar, calendars
basic calendars of holidays and breaks
The Hub Information
2007-09-27T03:03:21 umn, p2p, hub, resnet
this used to have some nice information about bypassing resnet scans
Universal Extractor | LegRoom.net
2007-09-27T03:01:15 windows, extract, freeware, portable, extractor
nice windows extractor i’ve used for a couple years. It can extract many types of files including install files.
Matlab Information
2007-09-27T02:10:45 umn, itlabs, it, matlab, csci2031, csci, 2031, math2373, math, 2373
free matlab for it students
YUI: Douglas Crockford on Javascript
2007-09-25T14:05:02 yahoo, javascript, js, douglas, crockford
Labnotes » Read Consistency: Dumb Databases, Smart Services
2007-09-23T22:14:28 database, design
But the important distinction here is that we’re pursuing a loosely coupled architecture, so we no longer share data directly through the database. Each service is independent, it exposes an interface that we’re going to use to retrieve and change sta
OATH | initiative for open authentication
2007-09-23T21:50:24 authentication, open, auth, oath, security, identity
U of M authentication in Java
2007-09-21T14:57:27 umn, x500, authentication, java
“This bean class is used to authenticate a user against the University of Minnesota X.500 system.”
Shared Stuff from People You Know
2007-09-21T04:16:42 google, social, share, bookmarks, socialnetworking, sharing
looks kinda like a google version of del.icio.us
One Bag – leisure and business travel packing list – travel light!
2007-09-20T21:28:05 packing, travel, light, suitcase
Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction – Books24x7.com – Referenceware for Professionals:
2007-09-18T21:27:26 microsoft
chapter 5.2 of Code Complete for a homework assignment
GroundBreaking – TwikiLovesTheo
2007-09-18T18:22:26 umn, twiki, wiki, new, stuff
kinda random..
2007-09-18T13:17:23 api, auth, authentication, oauth, openid, opensource, identity, standards
2007-09-17T16:19:40 wiki, editor, notes, paste, share
quick wiki
Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Provides Early Test of Wi-Fi Network
2007-09-15T19:11:41 35w, bridge, wireless, internet, video, mis
lots of cool internet and video technology assisting in the recovery
Camera 1629 I-35W @ University Ave
2007-09-15T18:52:43 35w, bridge, university, ave, cam, webcam
traffic cam of bridge site.
Defying Classification: Django Sprint Day 2 (liveblogging)
2007-09-15T17:46:02 django, malcolm, tredinnick, malcolmt, sprint, liveblogging, liveblog, live, blog
“I seem to have convinced somebody to take on the task of reorganising i18n.txt into something a bit more structured for the two types of readers (developers and translators). I’ve been wanting to do that for ages (rewrite it, not necessarily convince som
teaching python variables
2007-09-15T03:43:27 teaching, programming, python, variables, names, variable, name, learning
Amazon Architecture | High Scalability
2007-09-11T22:25:49 amazon, scaling, soa, architecture, scalability, mis
If you have a new business idea or problem you want to solve you form a team. Limit the team to 8-10 people because communication hard. They are called two pizza teams. The number of people you can feed off two pizzas.
Internet Services
2007-09-11T15:20:29 umn, is, isg, auth, authentication
“We’re the dot in umn.edu!”
Minnesota Internet Traffic Studies (MINTS)
2007-09-10T19:57:48 umn, dtc, internet, traffic
University of Minnesota Tuition Fact Sheet
2007-09-10T19:01:24 umn, tuition, factsheet, finance, filetype:pdf, media:document
Google Reader
2007-09-10T18:32:17 blog, blogging, rss, reader, aggregator
2007-09-10T00:21:34 del.icio.us, bookmarks, bookmark, social, bookmarking, share, delicious
I’m really starting to like this website.
Central Corridor Light Rail Transit
2007-09-10T00:04:20 umn, pts, lrt, central, corridor, light, rail, transit, filetype:pdf, media:document
Parking and Transportation Services, University of Minnesota Hot Topics
2007-09-09T21:13:55 umn, pts
“What-If” (Major Shopping) APAS report
2007-09-09T20:30:48 umn, onestop, apas, report
wikimarkup – Google Code
2007-09-09T03:34:49 wiki, mediawiki, markup, python
Second Ward, Minneapolis
2007-09-07T21:41:39 blog, blogspot, minneapolis, mpls
This is the public policy forum of Minneapolis Second Ward (Green) City Council Member Cam Gordon and his staff. We use this space to talk about some of what Cam’s working on, explain his positions, and share a little of what life in City Hall is like.
Python for system administrators
2007-09-07T03:08:20 python, sysadmin, os, permissions
September 2007 Django sprint
2007-09-06T19:09:30 django, sprint
2007-09-06T18:31:01 adrian, holovaty, everyblock
Click for a Zip Code Boundary Map.
2007-09-06T18:17:34 zipcode, maps, google, map, zip, googlemaps
CSci 4011: Formal Languages and Automata Theory Fall 2007
2007-09-06T17:43:10 umn, fall, 2007, fall2007, csci4011, csci, 4011
class i am taking
2007-09-06T16:20:52 umn, foundary, open, source, opensource, subversion, umfoundry
2007-09-06T16:11:04 umn, nts, faq, internet, network
XFN – XHTML Friends Network
2007-09-05T18:37:28 xfn, xhtml, microformats, xml, friends, network, rel
social-network-portability – Microformats
2007-09-05T18:27:44 microformats, socialnetworking, identity, friends, socialnetworks, portability, social, openid, hcard, xfn
VGA over Cat-5 cable
2007-09-05T16:57:51 vga, cat5, video, over
Windsurfer Antenna template
2007-09-05T16:50:27 freeantennas, windsurfer, wireless, antenna, template, filetype:jpg, media:image
Beautiful Soup: We called him Tortoise because he taught us.
2007-09-04T18:48:39 python, html, parser, xml, robust
Classroom Management Department Classroom Schedule Viewer
2007-09-04T18:21:29 umn, classroom, management, department, schedule, viewer
Dell – Support
2007-08-31T17:04:47 dell, support, warranty
you can find all kinds of information like when the warranty expires, what the specs are in, etc with just the service tag.
Thoughts on (and pics of) the original Macintosh User Manual
2007-08-30T14:53:59 mac, macintosh, manual, apple
2007-08-30T14:44:14 radio, broadway, musicals, soundtrack, soundtracks
Possible Study Areas : Campus Maps, University of Minnesota, TC
2007-08-27T20:38:30 umn, study, areas
campus fellowship pictures
2007-08-27T19:32:03 notre, dame, campus, fellowship, pictures
Campus Fellowship
2007-08-27T19:30:35 notre, dame, nd, campus, fellowship
Why the U of M does not like Skype.
2007-08-24T19:08:08 skype, VOIP, university, of, minnesota, umn
NTS DHCP User Registration
2007-08-23T14:53:19 umn, nts, dhcp, mac, address, networking
register your mac address for internet at University of Minnesota
2007-08-21T22:04:30 revision, rev, subversion, svn, python
how to get the revision number from subversion
new way to make shell scripts in django
2007-08-21T21:27:34 django, python, shell, manage, manage.py, management, script
Django | The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines
2007-08-21T20:29:08 python, django, framework, database
For the record
New families rejuvenate old neighborhood
2007-08-20T21:01:37 kane, gene, stowe
Brad’s Thoughts on the Social Graph
2007-08-19T05:14:37 community, social, socialnetworking, socialnetworks, facebook, openid, architecture, api, graph
Interstate 35W Bridge in Minneapolis, MN
2007-08-19T05:00:40 Interstate, 35W, Bridge, in, Minneapolis, , MN, plans
plans for the new bridge
Learning jQuery
2007-08-19T04:47:08 jQuery, tutorial
Why Process Monitor does not work on my computer
2007-08-16T12:56:43 sysinternals, process, monitor, procmon, mini-filter, manager, fltmgr.sys
Installing Django on MacOS X (development version)
2007-08-16T02:08:09 mac, osx, django, install, sqlite3, subversion, darwin, ports, darwinports
AuditTrail – Django Code
2007-08-15T13:10:41 django, model, history, version, versioning, db, database
jQuery for JavaScript programmers
2007-08-15T12:29:49 jquery, javascript, js
Vertical Centering in CSS
2007-08-13T20:02:57 firefox, css, vertical, center, middle, vertically, centering
2007-08-12T19:27:27 kvm, network, share, screen
Redirecting the mouse and keyboard is as simple as moving the mouse off the edge of your screen. Synergy also merges the clipboards of all the systems into one, allowing cut-and-paste between systems. Furthermore, it synchronizes screen savers so they all
Basic storage usage
2007-08-10T13:33:33 google, storage, gmail, free, space
StartCom Free SSL Certification Authority – Home
2007-08-08T12:32:38 free, ssl, https, certificate, security
Buxfer: Track Your Money
2007-08-03T13:52:34 money, finance, management, budget, expenses, openid
Ultra High Security Password Generator
2007-07-31T19:32:45 password, generator, passwords, random, ascii, cryptography, security, encryption
YUI-based Image Cropper Widget
2007-07-31T12:39:39 photos, yui, image, photo, crop, images, cropper, js, javascript
Thread Synchronization Mechanisms in Python ::: www.effbot.org
2007-07-29T23:34:56 python, threading, threads, concurrency, tutorial, wait, locks, lock, block, blocking, thread, event, events
Invite Share – Everyone is invited!
2007-07-28T20:13:54 invites, invitation, invite, share, beta
Citybuilder.org – Building People of Praise Cities
2007-07-28T17:25:54 citybuilder, citybuilding, peopleofpraise, pop
I suppose I should link to the sites I go to most often, not just the ones I can’t remember how to get to.
Django Master Class
2007-07-24T15:46:09 oscon, django, openid, signals, tests, unit, testing, regression, test, doctests, newforms, middleware
Handouts for the tutorial given at OSCON, July 23th, 2007
2007-07-24T12:34:11 peopleofpraise, pop, citybuilding, citybuilder
Ohloh, the open source network
2007-07-20T16:28:05 opensource, directory, code, svn, subversion, comparison, statistics, stats, graph, graphs, chart, charts, lines
19 Eponymous Laws Of Software Development
2007-07-18T02:01:37 development, quotes, software, laws, fun
How-To Guide for Descriptors
2007-07-17T20:11:01 descriptors, descriptor, python, code, design
python descriptors
Never Use a Warning When you Mean Undo
2007-07-17T16:59:17 usability, design, ui, interface, webdesign, warning, undo
use “undo” instead of “are you sure?”
Improving Google’s Social Network
2007-07-15T19:31:43 google, social, socialnetworking, socialnetworks, socialstream, research, api, networking, openid, onlinecommunities, community
Action Update – August, 2002
2007-07-15T19:19:36 action, pop, peopleofpraise, grenada, 2002, shreveport, allendale
Action Update – August, 2002
Grepping your web logs
2007-07-14T16:50:19 apache, grep, sysadmin, log, utilities, access.log, statistics, stats
Beating the Averages
2007-07-12T18:46:14 lisp, paulgraham, essays, business, startup, Beating, the, Averages, scheme
Beating the Averages
templatemaker – Google Code
2007-07-07T16:41:10 python, template, templating
Unicode data in Django
2007-07-05T12:32:41 django, unicode
Encoding with MEncoder
2007-07-01T19:30:07 mencoder, encoding, mplayer, video, avi, tips
some great tips for using mencoder
Python Interprocess Communication and Networking
2007-06-26T20:32:07 Python, Interprocess, Communication, and, Networking, stdin, stdout, stderr, subprocess, socket
so cool
Do’s and Don’t’s For Application Writers
2007-06-22T21:13:49 django, python, tips
First Allendale team ever
2007-06-21T23:55:14 first, allendale, team, ever, for:abraham.olson
Live Blogging with Amazon S3 – Sitening Blog – Nashville SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Web Design
2007-06-21T23:38:52 amazon, s3, server, live, blogging, transfer, gb, pictures, photos, events, event
Live Blogging
Code Monkey Song
2007-06-21T23:35:45 MP3, code, monkey, programming, music, filetype:mp3, media:audio
kinda popular at one:ten
Google Mondrian: web-based code review and storage
2007-06-19T13:30:10 google, python, django, Mondrian, Guido, van, Rossum
Opening new firefox window with a new session
2007-06-18T21:26:35 firefox, session, new, profile, windows
Flickr: Make a badge
2007-06-13T13:17:30 flickr, badge, photos, embed, thumbnails, photostream, latest
create flickr thumbnails for embedding on another site
What else is burried down in the depth’s of Google’s amazing JavaScript?
2007-06-08T20:34:28 AJAX, google, javascript, hacks, ie, chat
2007-06-07T17:43:50 wifi, osx, mac, wireless, ssid, stumbler, netstumbler
Understanding Threading in Python LG #107
2007-06-07T17:31:27 python, threading, threads, thread
Real-time Web Monitor
2007-06-07T17:29:16 internet, visualization, traffic, map
Four Company Men: Working for the Kingdom
2007-06-02T00:28:10 company, pop
for the archives
Google Trends for Linux Disto’s
2007-06-01T18:49:06 ubuntu, fedora, gentoo, suse, google, trends, linux, gnu
I think Ubuntu is winning
What is reCAPTCHA?
2007-05-27T19:10:48 ocr, captcha, spam
This is a really cool idea.
Windows FFMPEG binaries
2007-05-27T03:38:34 windows, ffmpeg, binary, binaries, video, converting, avi, mpeg, flv, win32, opensource
U of M registration statistics
2007-05-27T02:30:26 umn, stats, statistics, enrolment, registration, enrollment
i keep forgetting the address of this website
2007-05-25T20:27:19 security, maninthemiddle, hacking, windows
Center for Internet Security – Standards
2007-05-25T20:25:52 wireless, security, cisco, windows, xp, settings
Monday in China for my sister
2007-05-25T20:02:34 china, diet, coke, arcgis
It’s a long post, but i like it
Python web development and frameworks in 2007
2007-05-16T19:34:37 python, framework, comparison, frameworks, django
scaling a website
2007-05-15T18:30:22 scaling, website
Generic Names for Soft Drinks by County
2007-05-15T16:40:48 soda, pop, softdrinks, map, for:josterpi
this is old news, but still good
API Dashboard – ProgrammableWeb
2007-05-15T16:15:19 api, reference, list
list of api’s on the web
2007-05-15T16:14:08 mashup, api
this is kinda cool
2007-05-07T21:23:40 plastic, printer
rheingold’s brainstorms: Art of Hosting Good Conversations Online
2007-05-06T18:39:04 onlinecommunities, community
2007-05-02T21:57:09 blogging, search, blog, blogs
i keep forgetting this website
Antenna on the Cheap (er, Chip)
2007-04-27T12:51:06 802.11, ant, antenna, wifi, pringles, wireless
I kinda want to make this
umn transfer, ap, test out, etc
2007-04-20T14:03:13 umn
Alec Johnson’s experience teaching at Trinity School River Ridge
2007-04-07T00:49:07 TrinitySchool, RiverRidge, trinity
U of M Microsoft Campus Agreement Program for Students
2007-04-06T19:57:58 umn, cheap, windows, office, software
Roadmap for NTS Video Services
2007-04-06T19:56:12 umn, nts, video, filetype:pdf, media:document
“people-of-praise” via Dan
2007-04-06T18:42:01 peopleofpraise
Setting Up Mac OS X Tiger for Web Development
2007-04-05T02:03:37 django, mac, osx, python, apache, php
UMN Computer Science Course Prerequisite Chart
2007-04-04T13:36:20 umn, csci, cs, requirements, Course, Prerequisite, Chart
i love this thing

GitLab Values

Collaboration: Helping others is a priority, even when it is not related to the goals that you are trying to achieve. You are expected to ask others for help and advice. Anyone can chime in on any subject, including people who don’t work at GitLab. The person who has to do the work decides how to do it but you should always take the suggestions seriously and try to respond and explain.

  • Kindness: We don’t want jerks in our team. Some companies say Evaluate People Accurately, Not “Kindly”. We’re all for accurate assessment but we think it must be done in a kind way. Give as much positive feedback as you can and do it in a public way.
  • Negative is 1-1: Give negative feedback in the smallest setting possible, one-on-one video calls are preferred.
  • Say thanks: Recognize the people that helped you publicly, for example in our #thanks chat channel.
  • Feedback is always about the work: Clearly make negative feedback about the work itself, not the person. When giving feedback always provide at least one clear and recent example. If a person is going through a hard time in their personal life, then take that into account. An example of giving positive feedback is our thanks chat channel.
  • Get to know each other: We use a lot of text based communication and if you know the person behind the text it will be easier to prevent conflicts. So encourage people to get to know each other on a personal level through our team calls, virtual coffee breaks, and during our summit.
  • Don’t pull rank: If you have to remind someone of the position you have in the company you’re doing something wrong, people already know we have a hierarchical decision making process. Explain why you’re making the decision and respect everyone irrespective of their function.
  • Say sorry: If you made a mistake apologize. Saying sorry is not a sign of weakness but one of strength. The people that do the most will likely make the most mistakes.
  • No ego: Don’t defend a point to win an argument or double-down on a mistake. You are not your work, you don’t have to defend your point, you have to search for the right answer together.
  • See others succeed: An applicant that talked to a lot of people inside GitLab mentioned that compared to other companies one thing stood out the most. Everyone at GitLab mentioned wanting to see each other succeed.

Efficiency: We care about working on the right things, not doing more than needed, and not duplicating work. This enables us to achieve more progress which makes our work more fulfilling.

  • Boring solutions: Use the most simple and boring solution for a problem. You can always make it more complex later if that is needed. The speed of innovation for our organization and product is constrained by the total complexity we have added so far, so every little reduction in complexity helps. Don’t pick an interesting technology just to make your work more fun, using code that is popular will ensure many bugs are already solved and its familiarity makes it easier for others to contribute.
  • Be respectful of other’s time: Consider the time investment you are asking others to make with meetings and a permission process. Try to avoid meetings and if one is needed make attendance optional by making the invite optional, by having a clear agenda linked from the invite, and by documenting the outcome. Instead of having people ask permission trust their judgment and offer a consultation process if they have questions.
  • Spend company money like it’s your own: Every dollar we spend will have to be earned back, be as frugal with company money as you are with your own.
  • Freedom: You should have clear objectives and the freedom to work on them as you see fit.
  • Frugality: Amazon states it best with: “Accomplish more with less. Constraints breed resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and invention. There are no extra points for growing headcount, budget size or fixed expense.”.
  • ConvDev: We work according to the principles of conversational development.
  • Short verbal answers: Give short answers to verbal questions so the other party has the opportunity to ask more or move on.
  • Keep broadcasts short: Keep 1 to many written communication short, as mentioned in this HBR study: “A majority say that what they read is frequently ineffective because it’s too long, poorly organized, unclear, filled with jargon, and imprecise.”.
  • Managers of one: We want team members to be a manager of one who doesn’t need daily check-ins to achieve their goals.
  • Responsibility: Over rigidity when possible we give people the responsibility to make a decision and hold them accountable for that instead of imposing rules and approval processes.
  • Accept mistakes: Not every problem should lead to a new process to prevent them. Additional process make all actions more inefficient, a mistake only affects one.

Iteration: We do the smallest thing possible and get it out as quickly as possible. If you make suggestions that can be excluded from the first iteration turn them into a separate issue that you link. Don’t write a large plan, only write the first step. Trust that you’ll know better how to proceed after something is released. You’re doing it right if you’re slightly embarrassed by the minimal feature set shipped in the first iteration. This value is the one people underestimate when they join GitLab, the impact both on your work process and on how much you achieve is greater than anticipated. In the beginning it hurts to make decisions fast and to see that things are changed with less consultation. But frequently the simplest version turns out to be the best one.

  • Reduce cycle time: Short iterations reduce our cycle time.
  • Work as part of the community small iteration make it easier to work with the wider community. Their work looks more like our work and our work is quicker to give feedback too.
  • Minimum Viable Change (MVC): Always look to make the quickest change possible to improve the outcome. If you think it is better than what is there now do it, no need to wait for something polished.
  • Make a proposal: If you need to decide something as a team make a proposal instead of calling a meeting to get everyone’s input. Having a proposal will be a much more effective use of everyone’s time. The people that receive the proposal should not feel left out, the person making it should not feel bad if a completely different proposal is implemented. Don’t let your ego to be involved early or to see your solution implemented stand in the way of getting to the best outcome.
  • Everything is in draft: At GitLab we rarely put draft on any content or proposals. Everything is always in draft an subject to change.
  • Under construction: As we get more users they will ask for stability, especially in our UX. We should always optimize for the long term. This means that users will be inconvenienced in the short term, but current and future users will enjoy a better product in the end.


Qualities that make the most difference in programmers productivity

  • Bare programming abilities: getting sub-tasks done

Surprisingly the ability to use basic imperative programming constructs very efficiently in order to implement something is, in my experience, not as widespread as one may think.

  • Experience: pattern matching

An experienced programmer eventually knows how to deal with a variety of sub tasks. This avoids both a lot of design work, but especially, is an extremely powerful weapon against design errors, that are in turn among the biggest enemies of simplicity.

  • Focus: actual time VS hypothetical time

Internal factors are procrastination, lack of interest in the project at hand (you can’t be good doing things you do not love), lack of exercise / well-being, poor or little sleeping.
External factors are frequent meetings, work environments without actual offices, coworkers interrupting often and so forth.

  • Design sacrifice: killing 5% to get 90%

Often complexity is generated when there is no willingness to recognized that a non fundamental goal of a project is accounting for a very large amount of design complexity… A project that is executed in order to maximize the output, is going to focus exactly on the aspects that matter and that can be implemented in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Simplicity

the two main drivers of complexity are the unwillingness to perform design sacrifices, and the accumulation of errors in the design activity.
An initial design error, in the wrong hands, will not generate a re-design of the same system, but will lead to the design of another complex solution in order to cope with the initial error. The project, thus, becomes more complex and less efficient at every wrong step.
each time a complex solution is needed, it’s important to reason for a long time about how the complexity can be avoided, and only continue in that direction if no better possibility is found even considering completely different alternatives.

  • Perfectionism, or how to kill your productivity and bias your designs

things like robustness, simplicity, ability to deliver in time, are often never accounted for.

  • Knowledge: some theory is going to help

To be a super expert of everything is not required, but to be at least aware of a multitude of potential solutions for a problem certainly is.

  • Low level: understanding the machine

Good competence of C, the understanding of how CPUs work and clear ideas about how the kernel operates and how system calls are implemented, can save from bad late-stage surprises.

  • Debugging skills

The sum of being good at gaining state about a bug, incrementally, in order to fix it with a rational set of steps, and the attitude of writing simple code that is unlikely to contain too many bugs, can have a great effect on the programmer efficiency.


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